In many religions white is the color of godly servants, like the Pope in Rome or the practicing Rabbis in a Jewish synagogue. It is considered to be the symbol of purification, simplicity, a strict channel to a divine presence and a call for unity, sharing and gathering.


White is the supreme color, it contains all other colors. The colors we see are dependent on the rate of frequency absorption. If an object doesn’t absorb the light frequencies that pass through, it will appear white. Glaciers, for example, are made out of condensed ice and air and reflect the sunlight thus appearing white, the same as snow and some beaches that are made out of eroded limestone or quartz that don't absorb other colors.


In the Chinese tradition white is related to autumn, metal, the direction west, unicorns and tigers. White, according to the Chinese tradition is connected to the Yang, the masculine aspect complimentary to the feminine Yin. The esoteric symbol of white speaks about reincarnation, the fact that the end of the physical body, ashes to ashes, part in human life is but one cycle in many life cycles in the real sense of human life.   


When light hits water it disperses and can be seen at its full spectrum of color like a rainbow. It is the white source that emanates all other seen colors in the light spectrum. There are many more wave lengths that are not visible to the human eye like ultraviolet and infrared, that are important data collected by astronomy telescopes to better understand the origin of our existing universe.


In my art I use white as the representation of the Cycle of Life theme that speaks about the everlasting journey of human life and the spirit-mind-body connection. White as the representation of spirituality is the coat of the spirit just as the colors are the first seen coats of the light wave lengths.

In the Cycle of Life art works I try to visualize the essence of spiritual life as opposed to materialistic life, this is the reason I draw eyes in my paintings which are the first gates of impressions between the outer world, our brains and our translation of the world.


Eyes receive, the brain translates and the white spirit, if conducted correctly, elevates.


Have magic in your life

Ted Barr, Ramat Hasharon, December 2014