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The light we receive from a distant star can reach us long after the star explodes and no longer exists. Astrophysics labs can detect the wave lengths, the matter from which the star was made, its distance from planet Earth and its mass. All of this can be obtained from the energetic emanation from a long non-existent star.


The fact that activities in the physical world have a direct implication in the unseen worlds is known since Ancient Greek times, but the scientific explanation was given by the development of the electro-magnetism theory in the 19th century. The residual of colliding atoms are photons that are the carriers of the electro-magnetic field, traveling in space at the speed of light.

The human body has a continuous activity residing in electrical emanation known as the Aura, a colorful resemblance of the human spirit.

As I wrote in previous articles I’m interested in the resemblance between stars, humans and celestial elements.


As the residuals of star activity travel in space long after the star disappears so too the electrical body of human beings remains and continues to carry information long after the human being is physically dead.


The transmission doesn’t depend on the screen but on the CPU (central processing unit), in this case the human spirit is a temporary visitor in the physical body, just as the human being is a temporary visitor on planet Earth.

Death is but the shutting down of the life screen. All life experience, high essence work and spiritual upgrading are encapsulated in the spiritual essence that continues its journey long after the physical body ceases to exist.


Have magic in your life

Ted Barr


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