Moons, planets, stars, galaxies and galaxy clusters are moving, evolving and decaying in the same pattern. All celestial elements obey the same rules that are derived from gravitational attraction, electromagnetic reactions and the inner subatomic weak and strong forces that determine the atom's shape and function. The intricate brick stones of the universe bring in mind a question: why was all this miraculous manifestation created? For what reason?


The fact is science can give only a partial answer for about 4% of the universe's matter, the other 96 percent is dark matter (25%-26%) and dark energy (70%) that is not yet defined and understood.


Moons orbit planets, planets encircle stars, stars swivel the mass center (usually black holes) in the middle of galaxies and galaxies move within bigger galaxy cluster formations. The entire universe is moving. Every second a star is bursting, exploding and decaying, new stars are born new galaxies are formed. Gama rays are transmitted, black holes swallow nearby stars and matter, quasars emit the brightest light, and human beings are born and immediately disappear. There isn't a dull moment within our known universe.


The enigma of our existence stems from the fact that there is an unbridgeable gap between our gift to encompass eternity with our minds and our finite carnal embodiment, that compared to star life is but a fraction of a second.


We are but a tiny part, unnoticeable and insignificant inhabitants of our known vast universe. Even the green heavenly ball we've got is ruined by us. The wisdom behind the universe's order says that all its inhabitants are interrelated by the same universal rules so a human being won't turn into a moon and a planet won't shrink to be bacteria. The only asset that defines us human beings is the fact that we can contemplate the universe's vastness. If there is a reason behind our existence it is this ability to reach with our minds far away and dwell on the universal creation, growth and evolvement. As everything is connected so the pattern of the universal tribal gathering, all planets and stars are part of galaxy formations just as human beings live in families, communities, cities and states. Because of the very limited time we've got on this planet, and because of the limited space we've got, the only way to have a significant sign or voice in this universe is by attuning all human minds to one direction. As planets and stars are moving in harmony, so to eight billion minds can produce a collective human signal that can somehow be recognized outside of the Milky Way galaxy.


As matter is constructed from electrons that swivel the atomic nucleus so the brain contains about 100 billion brain cells. Each galaxy contains about 100 billion stars and so it's believed that there are about 100 billion galaxies in our known universe. All of these are in constant motion, an everlasting journey of change and exchange.


Over the last 1000 years, which are but an unnoticed moment according to the universal time scale, an error occurred in human programming; something went wrong.  The ancient Egyptians, Babylonians, Australian Aborigines and, the Maya were attuned to the natural human rhythm. Nowadays we are spending more time with our smart phones than with other human beings. This causes that endless amount of irrelevant knowledge which blurs the essential facts and intuitive comprehension about the human, natural way of being. This explains the fact that though humanity developed greatly in affordable material facilities, it is now facing a dead end that leads to global economic chaos and over the last decade many individuals arose to ask questions about the purpose of human life. It is clear that if the purpose of human life is to count money then its fingers should be much longer and its brain much smaller.


The era of individuality is over. Planet Earth won't survive endless violation and as the universal order shows a clear and attuned team work mechanism so it should be adopted in our small and still flourishing ball.


Have magic in your life


Ted Barr, Miami FL, June 2012