Where have we been before being as we know it, before appearing in our physical bodies sounding our first new born cry?  


Is it all random?


And what is there after we disappear, after the physical body is left behind?


Void can be an answer just as God is the answer for the majority of the human race living on planet Earth.


All those definitions are human expressions made by letters, symbols and language that form our known reality and give it a meaning. But in the right proportions, our reality is the void especially when you consider that planet Earth is less than a grain of wheat in the Milky Way galaxy and the Milky Way is less than an atom in the known cosmos. In universal scale we live in an immeasurable void that’s spotted with a few atoms and molecules.


The human passage therefore is from void to void and all of life’s purpose seems to consist of fulfilling this void. God, religion, faith and morals all act like filler but it is all still there and would stay there till the human race ends along with the enigma of our fragile cord of life and the eternal question WHY?


So in the first place we can’t grasp the void or describe it in words as I am attempting to do right now. The void is an idea that can only be absorbed with a new set of rules that may shape our minds in a more flexible way.


These 5 basic Void rules are:

There are no finite dimensions and directions in the universe.

There is no time.

There is no beginning or end.

To every particle there is an anti-particle.

All that exists manifests in cycles.


If we grasp and understand the universe through our limited senses we have to consider that there is a totally different reality in which we act as minor and nearly unnoticed partners. We emerged into this world in an infinitesimal coat in what is just a fraction of our imagined time and yet there are a lot of those that claim they have seen the light.


Understanding the nature of the void can have a positive influence on human life. A deep understanding that we are but momentary visitors could bring calmness. The fear of death may disappear and a sense of urgency and collaboration could become an essential part of the new human religion - to find out what is the true meaning of human life by exploring the void, yearning for it.


In art,  ‘From Void to the Void’ means that human artistic expression is genuine when it comes from emptiness, from a confident,  motivated individual that is looking to share his beliefs. An artist as such, doesn’t have to prepare for a show, to create or to check what sells in the market, just as a human being doesn’t need a temple to pray or a priest to obey.


It is all imprinted in our minds.


Our world is full, the universe is empty, there is much more richness waiting in the void.


Have magic in your life


Ted Barr, March 2014