Human beings developed an alternative language based on symbols. Animals don't use symbols.


Symbols are agreed signs with meaning, in its broad understanding; this article is full of symbols because each letter has a symbolic meaning that can change within a word and again in a sentence. The dot at the end of this sentence has an agreed meaning as well, so it is a different kind of a symbol.


In this fable the human being is a dot or comma in a sentence formed by the Solar system. This sentence contains letters and words formed by moons, planets, comets, asteroids, nebulae, constellations and other forms of celestial bodies. This sentence – the Solar system – is but one of another 100 billion sentences that form the book called the Milky Way which is but a chapter in a larger encyclopedia named the Virgo cluster. With this line of thinking the universe is the whole library.


Symbol, in its higher form, encapsulates a hidden connection to another level of understanding reality or an immediate device to connect to higher essence; it is like a key that can open locked drawers of information.  


There are two enigmatic words in the first chapter of the Bible that describe the state of the universe before the first day of creation; those two words appear only once, one after the other.




Tohu and Vohu are the elementary state of the universe surrounding us; they are the first symbols of creation.


There are scientists who developed the Tohu and Vohu theory that speaks about the basic elementary particles of creation, and is related to the String theory that tries to unify all known forces at play (weak force, strong force, gravity, electro-magnetism).


In this article I am not interested in the scientific theories but in the symbolic aspect of those enigmatic words.


There are not wasted words in the Bible. There is a meaning for those two words that appear together only once and disappear after the first day of creation. In Hebrew the meaning of Tohu and Vohu is a chaotic state that exists in an uncontrolled world and is the other end of order.


There was one creator that issued two forces into the universe. The convergence of those two led to the first creation or apparent order of separation between Earth and Sky.


In the symbolic world it is the one that for its revelation needs to be divided into two, the unity of the two leads to creation or birth which is symbolized by three, repetition of this creation is four, the higher form of creation is the human being symbolized by five.


Tohu and Vohu are a non-state, a non-defined area and time, the primordial contemplation before action.


Human beings are born out of the merge between a sperm and ovum, the two that give birth to three. In each life there are Tohu and Vohu moments. There are those for whom Tohu and Vohu is an integral part of their life.


The first chapter in the Bible tells us that chaos is a natural process in our lives, that Tohu and Vohu can occur frequently in daily life and we shouldn’t be afraid of it but embrace it as a natural process of creation and development with the notion that we are but a coma in an infinite library.


Have magic in your life


Ted Barr, October 2014, Ein Karem, Jerusalem