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The circle of life in time perception


Time is but a human invention that measures an agreed gap between sunrises to sunsets. The Maya culture divided time into 72 seasonal sequences, the Aborigines in Australia didn’t have a word for ‘after’, if they wanted to dwell about the future they had spiritual rituals they called dreamtime.


The notion that time is elastic stems from Einstein's theory of relativity. It is known that reaching the speed of light slows time as we know it so the time experienced by a light speed traveler would be longer, in theory a human being travelling all his life at the speed of light won’t die.


We don t need to travel at so high a speed to feel the elasticity of time. There are periods in a day that time stands still and hardly moves, and periods in life where we don't believe that it’s already November, our feeling is that just yesterday it was January.


This has to do with life perception, the anticipation and inspirational expectation causes time to seem shorter, boredom elongates time forever.


There are situations when those feelings oscillate frequently; this can call for mental disorder or madness because our front brain, that predicts the future, is also responsible for control and inspiration and if the inner stability between euphoria and depression is shaking the individual can experience unbearable flows of mixed contradicting and uncontrolled feelings.


The cycle theory speaks about life as a curved bar that entangles around time and space and is translated by our brains as experience.


The sentence – the A period ended had a hidden next sentence and B period started. This is because there is no void in time. From the moment we are born till our death, time - as human beings agreed to measure it - moves only in one direction - forward, meaning you won’t live again yesterday and every moment becomes the history of the next moment, but with that there is the understanding that every moment, every hour and every day is born anew with new opportunities for our brains to seek for positive food.


Brain food is slightly different than our regular food, the trans fats are accusations, the vitamins are inspiration and there are feelings, intimacy and creativity, which are energetic food for every human being.


So why not start our new day with a vegetable smoothie and not forget to add some brain vitamins as well.


Have magic in your life

Ted Barr, Berlin, July 2014


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