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Human beings have very limited sight. An eagle can spot a fish in the water from 300 feet; its vision is 400% sharper than human sight.


A human's hearing span is between 20-20,000 Hertz, a bat's is 15-90,000 Hertz.


Compared to other species, human beings have an almost negligible sense of smell. The bear’s sense of smell, for example, is 2,100 times better than humans.


So how can we say something about reality?


The reality we encounter is extremely narrow in perception by the very limited senses that transfer and translate messages from the outer world to our brain. If the world is 1000 in scale we encompass less than 1 and claim we know the world around us. 


We are not only limited by our senses we are also limited by our short life span. There are about 20 years of growth then 40 years of function and practice then 20 years of decay and that is it, life is over! What is processed is the life encapsulated in our given physical body on this one time journey on planet Earth.


The only extremely developed organ in the human body is the brain, the only organ that in spite of all physical deficiencies manages to depict contemplations that are much higher than our immediate environment.


The question is then: why are the senses – brain dynamic architected in this way? What does it have to do with the natural function of human beings and their essence and why is it that so many of us ask those questions?


It is evident in animals that evolution strengthens basic features so that it becomes fit to survive. The bear has powerful claws and an excellent sense of smell. The Puma is the fastest runner. Nomadic birds develop natural navigation skills so they can cross continents in search for food and mating places. Human beings have the ability to think and develop their brain.


The entire universe is in an eternal process of evolution and change. Planets can turn to stars, stars to white dwarfs or black holes. Stars are born, explode and die. The universal measurements and cycles are measured in billions of light years, the human cycle is less than 100 years and with that about 480 months of function.


The natural source of human evolution is the brain, but most human beings on planet Earth cherish the physical body. About 3 trillion dollars are spent every year around the globe in the revitalized industry including cosmetics and supplements but less than a billion is spent on brain research.


Human beings won’t become happier by living longer but by living a productive life. Productive means to search what is the true nature of our species and turn all energies to meet this destination.


It is not a coincidence that there are no solitary stars, there are solar systems all around the universe, stars and solar systems are gathered in galaxies, galaxies are gathered in clusters.


It is not a coincidence that there are about 7 billion human beings on this planet. There are 7 billion brains that somehow have to be connected to enhance what I believe is a greater universal entity.


I’m very careful in my articles about the use of the term GOD, because the name GOD can be misunderstood. Religious institutions and doctrines tend to define a private, personal GOD for each religion. GOD is but a term that defines the limited perception of human beings and our miniscule existence within vastness beyond measures. What is greater than our perception, what is originally unexplained, what is the source of all sources is defined as GOD.


It is not what we are now that matters; it is what we can become that counts. For that purpose each brain is a ‘local’ GOD that should be connected with other brain/GOD in order to form a universal network of human brain energy that can remove the veil from our eyes and give us a wider perception of what reality really is.



Have magic in your life


Ted Barr, Paris. January 2013

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