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When my son was in primary school he asked me many questions. It was years later that I realized how stupid my answers were. It was obvious to him that I should know the answer, so I used my imagination:

Why is the sky blue?


All that is drawn by the angels is drawn only once and the rest of the blue ink is carried out with the clouds, so what we actually see is the residuals of the angels’ ink.


Do dogs have a language?




Sure? That’s your answer?


Yes. You asked a question. I gave an answer.


But can dogs from Russia communicate with dogs from Italy?


Yes, why not?


Do they have dictionary?


No, it’s more like physical semaphore, dogs speak with their tails and they sniff one another, this is their way of saying hello.


Are there fairies in the trees?


Sure, there are fairies everywhere even inside your body that keep you awake and alert. In the trees those are the tree fairies which look like bees and butterflies together.


One day he came home from school after learning about the Kruvim, the guardian angels of Eden. The subject of angels was very close to him because his mother and grandmother didn’t call him by his name, they called him ‘my angel’


What is the difference between a human being and an angel, he asked.


The wings, I said.


Could you grow angels’ wings?


Sure, you know, the more developed the angel the greater his wings. Up there in heaven they don’t say ‘show me your grades’, or ask ‘what is your I.Q’ but instead they say ‘show me your wings.’


He looked very troubled the next few days.  My wife informed me that he asks her and her mother a lot of questions about him being the angel of our family.


Then one day he came into my office right after school and said that from now on he wants to volunteer  in the local zoo and help animals in need because this what angels do.


‘But you are not an angel’, I said to him.


‘Yes I am’, he replied.


‘So show me your wings’.


Without hesitation my boy turned around slowly like a model in an angel fashion show, ‘here’, he said.


‘Here what?’


‘My wings.’


‘I don t see any wings.’


My son looked at me with a serious look and said, ‘the fact that you don t see my wings doesn’t mean they don t exist.’


Have magic in your life


Ted Barr


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