What drives people 'to do'? To live? To choose their choices in life?


In most of my encounters I meet struggle and confusion, automatic reactions based on habits. When I meet clarity and truth in the person in front of me I mark him or her as an exception. These kinds of experiences led me to think about the seven basic questions each human being should ruminate and contemplate about. These questions come from ancient religions such as the Ho'oponopono which is an ancient Hawaiian practice, Sufism and Rudolf Steiner teachings and they summarize my life quest.


The seven questions are:


Who am I?

What are the characteristics of my personality, what are my virtues, weaknesses and passion?


What do I want to do in my life?

This speaks about truth and essence and how it can be genuinely manifested.


Am I on the right path?

Life has many options, highways and narrow roads, choices in life and coincidences play major rule in each human life


What stops me?

From being on the chosen or preferred road


What would support me?

To fulfill my destiny


What is the price?

Every choice in our lives has its price


Am I willing to pay this price?

If the answer to this last question is 'no' a new and fresh start is needed.


Every human being wants to be appreciated, fulfilled, loved, free. Very few are. Freedom is not the state of your bank account but a state of mind.


I hope for those that will have time to ponder these questions that they can generate the right alignment in their bodies and minds to better fulfill their life journey.


Have magic in your life

Ted Barr