Human beings live in physical bodies that seem to be independent entities. Bodies contain brains, blood vessels and inner organs which are wrapped in skin to create a self-functioning capsule that is called a human being.

There are fields of gravity around which human beings tend to concentrate, they are called towns and they are connected by bridges and roads. These are physical constructions to enable the flow of human beings and the materials they create to reach all around the globe.


The String theory speaks about the fundamental building elements of creation. In this theory matter is but a condensation of energy in a geometric field that allows recognition. Thus all that exists is described by energetic strings resonating in space. Their tilt and tension determine our world like the resonation within our vocal chords expresses itself as voice that is translated in other brains as words, sentences and finally meaning. It is the journey, waves-shapes-reality, that determine our reality perception. This perception is limited by our senses and monitoring capabilities as by our translation of what those senses collect and transmits to our brains.


The stages of creation from void to existence are:


Elongation of the dot to create a string

The sting oscillates

Waves are created

Waves interact

Geometry is formed to identify forms and shapes

The visible 3D world is apparent


This is also the journey from the unseen worlds to the physical realm and vice versa, from the dense reality that surrounds us to the pure light energetic existence that is possible for a present spirit.


The Hubble telescope images provide another opportunity to ponder human destiny. From above the planet’s atmosphere, human beings are not recognizable, the higher we climb the smaller our planet Earth and even our Solar system. It might be that all of planet Earth is one living organism that has many co-workers and aids like animals. Oceans, human beings and all should coordinate to facilitate a cosmic order. In this fable human beings live in an illusionary world in which each hasa personal border called the skin. In the real world it might be that human beings belong to the same living and developing entity called planet Earth, there are no real boundaries between them only artificial skins that are the physical illusion of separation.


All of the human community might be a colorful diversity of a circus like existence that stems from the same basic human essence and barriers, the same destiny and values.


As all problems seem solvable from upper space, so all differences seem nonexistent; there isn’t nice or handsome from 3000 miles high, only functional or dysfunctional.


From the moment of conception (which is the time one has to have its birthday) till the moment the spirit leaves the physical body, the only question worth asking is, who am I and what is my part in the universe around me?



Have magic in your life!

Ted Barr

Ramat HaSharon, November 2014