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Confucius said that clouds can merge and create rain only if they are on the same level. It is impossible to deliver esoteric knowledge to people that declare the Dollar as their God, just like it is very dangerous for a 100W volt device to connect to 220W volt socket.


This is the reason all ancient fables and myths are based on symbolism with simple examples from daily life, to demonstrate in human minds an acknowledgement, a different way of thinking of reality perception.

The story about Adam and Eve is one of the most ancient human myths in which there is a clear message:


There is a price for living on this planet.


There is an abundance of writings about the Genesis story, I am sure most of the writers won’t agree with my translation with the Garden of Eden story, so let look deeper in the characters involved.


Adam – the man archetype, the passive figure in this fable

Eve - the woman archetype, manipulated by the Serpent

The Serpent – the seductive messenger

God – there is a saying in Yiddish – 'Man tracht God lacht', man is planning God is laughing


We can look at this story as a play of symbols with different essences and energy levels. The Garden of Eden probably had a constant energetic vibrancy where no effort was needed; the monitor in this area is almost a straight line. The call for action is the initiative of the Serpent promising revelation the moment the fruit from the tree of knowledge would be tasted. He was right, Adam and Eve saw a totally different reality once their eyes opened wide. First of all they realized they were naked, before they ate from the fruit nudity was natural, after, it was something to be ashamed of. The second act, after covering themselves, was hiding from the fear of God.


At first glance it seems a poor exchange, trading half juicy fruit for your comfort and ease in life. From another perspective this story has deeper meaning. In any human life there are Serpents or other messengers that either offer to give something or to take something and it is the human's choice. This is the great message from this epic story; human beings have a lot of choices. Most will choose the same path, the few individuals that would pave the way for others met their Serpent and decided to have a bite of fruit from the tree of knowledge and face reality as it is, rather than being another tree in the Garden of Eden.


Have magic in your life,

Ted Barr

NYC, October 2014


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