Numbers as mathematical figures are a human invention. Time is also a human invention, and it might be that out there in the universe time as we know it doesn’t exist. The names or figures we put on natural phenomena speak about human translation of a natural essence. In this short article I will speak about numbers.


The sequence of numbers has logic; it is hard to imagine if we were to start counting at the number three. In ancient cultures and esoteric studies there were special rituals dedicated to numbers and magical powers attributed to them.


Numerology derives from the understanding that numbers represent natural forces that can be activated if the true meaning harmonizes with the number frequency.


One is the beginning, so everything starts from One. But in order to reproduce we have to have the Two. One splits in two, which symbolizes duality and contradiction on one side and completion and togetherness on the other.


Three is the first number you can close with lines, after the split of Two. Three is the product of the Two unifying, so it speaks about produce, and is related to creativity, reproduction, holy triangles and spiritual elevation. The three last stages in the 10 'Sphirot', the Jewish ladder of spiritual transformation, are divine, on a higher energetic level above human daily existence.


Four is the first cycle, the first solid formation, when One splits, Two reproduces, Three is the fruit, Four resembles the seasons that come and go but guarantees continuation and cycle of being.


Five, in most cultures and esoteric studies, is the symbol of the human being because of the five extensions - head, two hands, two legs - so the number five is used as a human symbol in the larger symbolic context of human existence. One, Three and Five, Seven and Nine are related. This is the reason why in Hebrew, the language in which the Bible was written, all odd numbers are three letter words. And all even numbers are four letters except for six which is pronounced 'Shesh' in Hebrew and is a two letter word.


Six is the opportunity of accomplishing the first cycle in planetary level. It is the human that can make a change by purification, pure energy from the One splits in Two, reunites in Three, moves in cycles in Four, enters the human faculties at Five, transforms and completes a life cycle in Six. That is a circle with an extension upward.


Seven is the higher cyclic manifestation of the power of One. This is the reason why Seven is considered a sacred number in cultures around the globe and is related to cycles of self-development, purification and sacred rituals. The seventh day of the week in most religions is a day of rest and self-reflection. This is the reason why all odd numbers add up to seven.


Eight is the symbol of infinity, of the Universe that surrounds us and is a constant reminder that we are but a tiny dot in a vast Solar system that is unnoticed within the Milky Way galaxy that is but a grain of dust within the Virgo cluster. Elevating the human spirit aims to be eternal. To reach the Eight energy level is to constantly dwell, ruminate and contemplate about the human connection to the universe and by thus be humble and ready to change.


If all this work is done then comes the Nine and offers the second cycle of purification. The human accomplished its development in planetary level and now grasps the enormity of life and the spirit proposition to elevate into the celestial realm. This is the Nine - the circle is above pointing downward. The first journey represented connectivity between different energy levels in order for the human spirit to purify and flourish. We can start the journey anew from above the mind down to the physical, from the Nine to One and then from One to Nine all over again in an eternal process of appearance, evolvement, change and purification.


Religions in their pure forms relate to those subjects. The true meaning of religion is to permeate those eternal rules in each and every human limited life span.


I will try to connect all what is said so far to the usage of numerology in the Cycle of Life (COL) painting series. The symbol I use as a signature is one symbol that is combined of two human figures, which hold the Ankh in their hands. The ANKH is an Ancient Egyptian symbol that resembles the passage between life and death. For the Egyptian priests life was but a passage for the spirit journey to gain more wisdom and to come back again and again till redeemed.


So it is one symbol with two figures holding a symbolic tool, Three, of spiritual elevation that speaks about cycles which are four and stands on four (feet). The human level is five and all human organs in both the human figures are depicted by five dots. The ANKH is depicted by ten white dots divided in to seven planetary evolutionary stages and three divine ones. All the symbols that appears in all COL paintings are depicted by 35 dots which in numerology is eight indicating the universal realm.


 Have magic in your life

Ted Barr