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A line, like time, is an aggregation of endless dots that are manifested in our minds as a continuous experience. It is a matter of perception, we can experience time as linear evolvement in our lives, but we are much more complex beings than this simple grasp of reality.


Time is a human invention, only in the 20th century it was proven that time is elastic and depends upon movement, objects traveling near the speed of light would experience slower time than normal beings, not only that but dimensions are subject to movement in space, in our eyes a car moving in the speed of light would look shorter and more flat.


Reality as we experience it is subject to our senses and has nothing to do with what really exists out there in other star constellations and galaxies. The riddle of human life is connected to time oriented matters, we arrive to this planet Earth for a very limited span of time, 100 years in cosmic measures is unnoticed and then our physical bodies return to the ground and our spirits search for another round of experience. In galactic terms it can be measured in billions of years, but here, on planet Earth it can be viewed as a momentary visit that has a beginning and an end. Those terms, beginning and end, can relate only to the body and the flesh, the spirit lives in totally different dimensions that can be related by cycles of being , evolving, transforming and appearance to the physical realms again.


In Kabala learning there is a clear view about the human destiny on Earth. It is the spirit that enters into a new body for what is called in Hebrew 'TIKUNIM' which means repairs. In the Jewish tradition the eternal quest is to return to the source of life and light, once we lived in Eden, we were expelled, now we seek to go back to unity, to an experience of being connected to the source of life which is much greater than any individual. The spirit is cycling in an eternal journey of fixing and repairing till it would be elevated to higher essence that would be closer to the source. There are traces of those believes in Christianity, Sufism, Buddhism and even in the Australian Aborigines myths. In those myths the process of elevating the spirit is called Dreamtime.


Only if we decipher the enigma of time can we  process our own Dreamtime.

I think that the first step should be to grasp the fact that all that exists are but dots on an eternal line that are bound together by the same rules. The line is never a straight line but curved, entangled and sometimes create circles. There is no beginning nor end but a continuous evolvement in various levels of energies, so the physical body can be a part of a future fruit just as the spirit of a peasant can turn into the body of a future king.


In 4 billion years our planet will escape the Solar system to become the corner stone of a new star.


Have magic in your life

Ted Barr



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