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Sitting on a bench near the Gardini in Venice, a fly landed on my jeans. I was waiting for friends in the entrance to the 56th Biennale so I had my phone camera ready and took a close-up of this creature. The fly seemed to explore the new terrain he landed on, moving his antennae in all directions. The fly walked strangely to the side, gliding quickly from one side of my knee to the other he suddenly stopped and started to investigate my leg again, this time exploring down to my boots. Then the fly appeared again approaching my pocket. At that moment I raised my hand to smash him. A thought entered my head, is there anything up there that plans in this very moment to smash me?


Am I not like this fly, minute in dimensions compared to the power of creation or the vital force that made it all be?


Maybe there is someone, something up there that is watching me and wondering how strangely I walk, speak and behave, how we humans are but peons in a much larger game but still think we are the center of the world while the fact is that we live on a tiny planet in a remote area within one of billions of galaxies.

Maybe the fly that landed on my jeans thinks it is a new planet. The reality that I see staring at this fly is totally different. It might be that all we see is limited stretched jeans compared to all of creation.


Life seems like those pavilions in the Gardini where each country displays the best of its art and we are the visitors who come to watch. Then, it seemed to me each of us is a pavilion of his and her own and there are visitors watching, most of them hidden from the eye, but this fly is one of them.


This moment we are here and the next we are gone. It was in my power to terminate the fly's life, like it is for the one that holds the strings of us puppets who can drop the string and call back the physical body of each individual on any day without any explanation.


I looked gratefully at the fly that waited patiently for the stream of thoughts to circulate and fly away.


Have magic in your life

Ted Barr





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