FLY - Free the Life within You – FLY workshops as global movement

FLY workshops offer the participants a new way of expression, we use colors and canvases but it is nothing like a painting lesson. The colors are spilled on the canvases, the canvases are tilted and tapped and the main tools are spatulas and chop sticks used to move the colors on the canvas, there are many layers in this technique each a mixture of oil colors, acrylic and cold tar mixed with turpentine so it’s impossible to predict the outcome. Sometimes we use gesso to create the outer lines of a shape or an image but even with this the spill out and anarchy of the spilled colors determine a fresh vibrant artwork or shall I call it soul work because whatever is the outcome of this free style process it is the expression of the subconscious mind the inner creative forces that may be dormant for years and then when freed celebrate this freedom with creative zest on the canvases.

All my workshops start with meditation to weave the participants and focus them to one note then with a short session of Tai Chi movements that start an inner oscillation within the body to be translated on the canvases later, I developed those movements for my own use helping me with my low back problems but then I found they make wonders for creativity so meditation and movement are an integral part of this workshop.

There is a session creating with closed eyes, there is a big canvas on which each participant creates a part of a collective work, there are collaborations between participants and there is in every workshop a great sense of innovation, inspiration and joy.

The FLY workshops are not painting lessons there main aim is to bring joy and harmony to this world by releasing creative energies from curious human beings that are willing to open and share their inner lives. It is not only colors and canvases it is a live demonstration of the soul dancing performing the most precious   inner body life show.

I see in my vision mega workshop with thousands participants raising and tilting their canvases in the air at one tone creating the biggest canvas ever together, sharing and expressing their creative energies for the boon and growth for each participant and for Planet Earth

FLY is not a workshop but a world movement for freedom. For unity, for releasing creativity, for bringing people together, for harmony for sharing good vibrations

In each workshop magic happens, my aim is that this magic would spread all around the globe.


Have magic in your life

Ted Barr