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Ancient Egyptian mythology and beliefs are based on the underworlds or parallel existences that are present in each human life. In their mythology the human race is but a branch of other developed intelligence that lives on another planet in our galaxy. There are no papyruses that mention rockets or spaceships, but there are a few writings that were found in graves and in the Egyptian book of the dead that depict the arrival of this tribe on a great boat through the great lake. The captain of the boat was Ra who was the supreme sun god; his name means the creative power or the creator. The Ancient Egyptians call themselves the cattle of Ra. Ra is sometimes confused with his great grand grandson Horus; they both represent the power of the sun that symbolizes creation. While flying in the skies the boat was called MADJET which means, empowering, this is related to day time when the sun is visible. The boat landed at night and is called Semektet, becoming weak.


The Egyptian boat was a solar chariot dominated by Atum, the sun god, during the day and Sekhmet, the lioness, during the night. The night god is Hathor symbolized by the cow that takes over in the dark; the sun like human life has its cycles of birth and rebirth, night-Hathor, day-Atum.


The boat journey symbolizes the eternal human struggle and cycle of life. In this boat there are gods that help navigate like Maat and Thoth and the navigating fish that swam in front of the boat, Abtu and Ant. There were some respected guests on the ship: Sia- intelligence, Hike – magic, Upuaut - direction finder, Apep – the most powerful god of darkness represented by the crocodile.


Every night there was a fight, on one side the captain, navigators and guest, Ra, Maat, Thoth, Abtu, Ant and Sia and the other, Apep representing darkness and destructive energy. The sun would rise only if the good positive energy overcame the bad destructive dark energy. Light overcomes darkness, and the new day is the expression of an eternal fight between the seen world represented by the sun and the unseen represented by Apep, the dark energy that opposes light and progression. It is not that there would ever be a final combat with a clear winner. This fight, this struggle, is an eternal human journey manifestation representing the contradicting forces in the seen and unseen worlds and in human life.


In the Ancient Egyptian mythology bad and good like life and death are but different manifestations of the creation force. On Planet Earth every struggle looks gigantic but from far away, in the middle of the Milky Way galaxy, the Ancient Egyptian big lake homeland, those struggles are unseen and unimportant. Just as there is a new day so too there will be a new life; as there is night and sleep time so too there is a period of dreaming in other worlds that in our world is wrongly called death. The gods in the Egyptian myths represent pure powers that dominate human life. The Egyptian book of the dead is not about legends but about emotions, fear, hope, creativity and spiritual growth that reside, alive or dormant, in every human life.


Ra can’t have a ship without Apep as Apep can’t express itself without a concrete boat in a journey from day to night, night and day. Progressive and contradicting forces are the inhabitants of Ra’s boat, the fact that the sun still rises every morning says that Ra, Maat, Abtu, Thoth, Ant, Hike and Sia are winning so far. But nothing is guaranteed.


Have magic in your life

Ted Barr, Berlin, July 2014





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