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The bird symbol is often used in my paintings along with the DE (Dual Eternity) symbol that encapsulates the essence of my life and art.


The ability to lift oneself from the ground, escape the Earth's heavy bounding and fly is the essential ancient dream for freedom. The yearning to be free is not a 21 century wish but an eternal quest running through nations and cultures seeking to free the spirit from the physical body.


Wings have been the symbol of freedom for making dreams come true, no wonder angel paintings are winged, causing people to believe in their magical rule, bringing good deeds to human life.

The bird in its flight resembles the magic of uplifting oneself from the bondage of earth's gravity that grounds us all on this planet.


Gravity is the first layer that roots us as physical beings to the ground. There are more unseen layers like our limited perception which determines the way we perceive reality and translate it and habits that make us encircle the same spot over and over again; pride which prevents us from moving forward and many more inhibitions and customs that determine our boundaries and limits our freedom.


By freedom I mean the ability to connect to one's true self and to attune life accordingly.


The blue or starry skies can cause a dreamtime state of mind that elaborates the human potential. It is not what we can do that matters, it is what we believe we can do that counts. Dreaming is about forecasting a better future and by that attuning the mind and inner powers towards a higher goal that can bring us closer to our spiritual inclination.


All what stops us being free is a bear.


All what brings us closer to self-freedom is a bird.


With this notion one can be free in the cellar and can be a slave in the open mountains. It is the inner alignment towards one's goals that matters.


Those who set in themselves the journey toward freedom would fight against existing habits, known formulas, thoughts and beliefs. Therefore repetition and dedication in embossing and engraving of new knowledge and acceptance are needed, this kind of perpetual work is what counts in the end.


So the bird is the symbol of lifting oneself from the convention of ordinary life towards fulfilling the potential for human development that is there for every human being.


Have magic in your life

Ted Barr


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