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If the light is too strong we wouldn't see anything, as if there wasn't any light at all. There is a preferred amount of light for clear sight. The same is true for knowledge; too much information and we can’t sort out the core, no information, no further knowledge, the same with food, oxygen and gravity. Imagine if gravitational force would be 30% stronger, we would be crawling and cars would need much stronger engines.


There is fine tuning between space, matter and the forces at play between them, the universal balance enables the marvel of celestial stars and galaxies and the appearance of human beings, worms and viruses.


Balance is a universal rule that has nothing to do with our history, feelings or personal perception. It is what it is and it is there to enable growth with order. One option for defining the balance rule is – the optimum energy required for action. In this case optimum is the right amount of energy, color, force and money that would cause a balanced reaction, not too much, not too many, not smaller nor fewer but just the right amount.


The applications of the balance rule are found everywhere; let’s try to examine some areas and the implications of the balance rule.


Economy – money is substance for energy. In our modern economy too much money corrupts, no money starves. In bond markets the higher the interest rates the less the bond value. The world economy in 2015 is on the verge of another crisis because the balance rule is set aside.


War and peace – peace can be achieved between partners not between master and slave. Even if a country is victorious in the battle field the balance rule speaks about not harming the infra-structure of the enemy. In war it is better not to use too much destructive energy but rather keep your enemy as a vibrant entity that can negotiate for agreed, not humiliating, terms. The Versailles agreement and the Arab-Israeli situation are two good examples.


Cars – the main aim of cars is to be a means of transportation, but they turned out to be status symbols, you don’t need a twelve cylinder car to drive from point A to B, a 1600 cc engine would do the same. I estimate that in twenty years all transportation will be solar energy based and there the balance rule applies.


Male - Female relations – the intricate relations between men and women are based on the differences of basic needs. Female is the voice of generations to come and needs security. Men need recognition and some toys, take the toys from the man and he becomes aggressive, take the security from the woman and she'll become bitter and seek security somewhere else. Here, the magic balance rule is open for discussion.


Spirituality – there are 10 gates of spiritual energy transformation in the Jewish Kabbala, they are called Sephirot (in a very basic translation - counters). There are three divine Sephirot that are out of reach to human beings and the last one, Malchut (kingdom), is the earthly materialistic life. The other six are the mediators. The enormous energetic divine light can’t reach human beings directly so there needs to be six stages of moderation to balance it.


Art - my late art teacher Shlomo Tzafrir took me to a Cy Twombly show. We stood in front of a large, almost empty canvas with three colored stripes emerging from the canvas's corner, ” there is nothing but harmony in this work”, he said. I seek this balance and harmony in art work since then. There are those magic moments when colors, shapes and perspectives mélange into a complete harmonious object in front of me and I can be mesmerized for hours.


Parents - Children – family can be an elevating experience and a dodgy one as well. Dictatorship, punishment and violence are used in malfunctioning families. In a healthy family there should be strict rules with the permission to question them. The parents are not super powers and children the workers, or in many modern families vice-versa, where the children are dominating the family with rebellious energy. There should be cooperation and striving for mutual well-being for the family members. In larger families, like with the orthodox Jews, the older brothers are role models for the younger ones. It is inspiring to see the inner connections in such large families.


It is said in the Kabbala that Judaism is the representation of the middle line, meaning that it addresses its believers in order to elevate their spirits through a balanced set of social rules and a ladder pointing upwards on which knowledge and personal development are offered. The middle line is also part of Shamanic rituals and Zen Buddhism meditation practice.


The proposition to live according to the balance rule is there for every human being.


Have magic in your life

Ted Barr

Jerusalem, January 2015

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