They have magic in their life

Life is full of surprises... or like remarkable modern artist from Israel Ted Barr says, 'have magic in your life'...


                             Alla Dickson

                             Artist, Michigan


Ted Barr's art is like vibrant colors traveling through the cosmos of time with endless energy throughout each painting. Like a background for a science program discovering the infinite.


                            Ash Fitzgerald

                            Artist, Limington, England


Each one of Ted's paintings invokes a Galaxy of strength, beauty, and discovery. His entire collection is a breath-taking journey through the Universal Soul.


                             Lynne Deragon

                             Singer and Songwriter

                             Toronto, Canada


Like being born or introduced to something for the first time, seeing Ted Barr's work entices me with its vibrancy. The fluctuation of simplicity and complexity throughout his paintings breathe something new into the art of painting and cannot for that reason be grounded in one genre for definition.


                               Larry Achiampong

                               Artist, London, England




The beginning and expanding of life, that is what I find in Mr. Barr's paintings.

From the inner being till the galaxy far away.
I see the creation as it must have happened... bursting with colors and life, all the different textures coming together as one.

                               Tora Birtilid

                               Graphic Artist, Norway