Welcome to 10 Magical Days in Rajasthan

For artists and art lovers alike

 19 - 29 January, 2017


In May I experienced an elevating week in Rajasthan India. I was invited by Rajesh Yadav, the founder of the Art Pivot organization, to deliver an art workshop in Udaipur. Each day I was exposed to another magical site. I met warm and wonderful people, heard totally different music, ate spicy delicious foods and decided that I want to share this unique experience with my artist friends.


Do you wish to enter a magical world of art? Do you crave to experience exotic ideas, splendid, heavenly and spiritual ideas? Do you wish to relieve stress and anxiety? Do you want to express your potential and creative abilities freely in a serene and awesome environment?


If yes, then join me for ten magical days in Rajasthan. A place to rejuvenate, express your talent, connect your body, mind, spirit and experience blissful joy and ecstasy.


People from different countries will come together and get connected to experience the magic of life in a true sense.  Photographers, sculptors, mural and public art designers, art lovers and anyone who seeks pleasure in beauty, nature and art are welcome.


The ten days will be spent in the Aravali Hills and a number of spots in Udaipur, the lake city of Rajashtan India. 


Main attractions include:


  • 4 days of contemporary art workshops

  • Meditation - a way to attune to the divine soul for ultimate bliss and joy

  • Yoga - a way to remain fit and healthy

  • Music - food for the soul. Soothing traditional music that will enchant you completely.

  • Traditional dance - an expression of joy and wonder

  • Heritage - a traditional art tour.


Five days will be spent outside of the lake city Udaipur visiting Kumbhalgarh, Ranakpur, Mount Abu and Jaipur.


The cost is U.S. $1,180 which includes cover fees for sites and attractions and local transportation, meals (food and drink) and transport to and from airport. It does not include airfare and accomodations.


The tour is organized by me, Ted Barr and Rajesh Yadav of the World Art Migration Program, The Art Pivot, Udaipur.


For more information send me an email to ted@ted.co.il with the subject - 10 Magical Days. Please include your name, country of residence, link to your website if you are an artist, and number of people in your party.


To see the full itinerary click on the PDF file link below.