The law of 3

I saw a short video about the forming of the embryo, I find it to be the most mysterious and inspiring event in the universe. Think about it, a sperm from a male meets a woman ovum to form another life. It is not enough to have one gender you need to have the two species in order to create a new life. It is about the law of 3 which is a cosmic law. In ancient cultures it is called the fertility law, in ancient Egypt the number 3 was attributed to Nefertiti, in the Christian religion those are the father, son, and the holy spirit, in the Jewish tradition those are the 3 founding fathers of the Jewish nation and the marking of Tuesday as the best day of the week.

3 is the past, present and future and the body, mind and spirit.

We need to have 2 opposing energies in order to create a new creation, if we would have only one ingredient nothing can be formed out of it, you can't make more gold out of gold or more elephants out of one elephant. This principle of 3 can be related to many other areas as human relations – the best couples are those with diverse thoughts and feelings

In politics – the most effective governments are those that contain in their coalition two big parties and a third smaller one that balances them

In art – the most inspiring artists are those that weave together, spirituality, emotions and faith

The number 3 is attributed to creativity and art it resembles the union of one and two into a fruit or action or a new form. 3 always represents the unknown, and the all possibilities yet to be manifested because the result from one and two can be very surprising.

The one represents the initiator, some call it God or universal energy, two represents the vessel, the forming of a potential base for development and change, three is the birth of a new spirit with a body or a new wisdom.

In this sense of creation, the 3 is the fertile feminine aspect, which is nurturing and life giving. 3 is connected to the higher vision -third eye and to the color yellow the third color in the rainbow.

In the Kabbala the 3 is related to Binah the third of the 10 Sphirot that resemble the stages in the human development. It resembles the manifestation of a thought or idea or a wisdom into a seen and felt entity, it is the unfolding of the unseen which in the Tarot cards symbol is the Empress.

A very interesting understanding of the number 3 appears in the Enneagram, the 3 types are searchers and achievers with great ambition and usually great charmers. The 3 type person grasps the idea that they are part of an everlasting changing universe, their divine self is based on 3 universal ideas: holy hope, holy law and holy ideas (I'll elaborate that in a different article). So, those 3 people are in a constant movement and treat change as a natural inherent character in themselves. When those people are connected to their true essence, they radiate wellbeing and are considered lucky human beings.

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