Individuality versus copy paste

My first visit to Palm Beach was during my participation in the art show at the convention center, there, in front of Okeechobee Blvd I saw a rare sight of 4 Ferraris in a row before the traffic lights, all the Ferraris were grey, the thought that crossed my mind was that like in a party where the most beautiful woman encountered another woman with the same dress. Why buy a Ferrari that is a copy paste of your neighbor's car? And why live in a building that is similar to all the other buildings in the surrounding?

Elite cars ceased to be transportation assets, they become a status device, but with that they become prolific especially in posh areas like Palm Beach and Dubai.

Those thoughts were the basis behind my Ferrari project in Boca Raton Florida. My representative in Florida Robin Babitt connected me to the Ferrari dealership in Southern Florida in order to create 'the celestial Ferrari' meaning an outstanding Ferrari that would stand out amongst all other posh cars in the surrounding. Thanks to Scott Zankl, the owner, that cooperated fully with us, we had a plan of having two Ferraris in this project, the first one would be coated with one of my Deep Space works and on the other one I will work in front of an audience in a live performance. Two months after we decided about the concept, I received the first cutouts of the suggested printed Ferrari; the images were stunning I approved them and prayed that it would look the same in reality. It exceeded my wildest dreams the Ferrari FF with its 650 HP was coated with The Antennae Galaxy image one of my first works from the Deep Space series, at the event that evening I painted the other Ferrari in front of a large audience of car and art lovers. From this event it became clear to me and I thing to many of the attendees that night that it is possible to turn a car into a desired art object, it is not anymore, a copy paste of other similar car from the same type but an individual expression of its owner. The car owner can choose the art on its car as well as the art on the interiors, it can be one work, or combinations between some works, or even usage of a tiny motive from a work that can be duplicated on the whole car. I believe that elite car owners deserve to have a choice about how their car would look externally and internally for a fulfillment of their self-expression and individuality.

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