Cycles of Life

A circle has a life of its own. It is a mysterious being.

When I'm sitting on my dwelling chair in the studio, I spent hours staring at circles and oval shaped objects I draw on my notebook and paint on my canvases. Those shapes intrigue me, what is their beginning? where is their end point?

Is there a beginning or an end? In this aspect they resemble life, it seems that life began with the convergence of ovum and sperm, but even on this physical aspect there was a primordial source to this winning sperm and to this specific ovum and, there is a need for a spirit as the software of this machinery. A lifetime is considered to be the functioning period of the hardware but when the computer is out of date the software can still operate on another computer. With this analogy of human life there is no beginning nor end but a continuous eternal being with different phases of appearance. Being within a body is called life, the time the body is left behind is called death. Every dot in the circle is a human being in a cue from appearance that is called birth to the disappearance of the hardware called death. There is no way to leave the cue, maybe to stay in the cue a bit longer if we nourish our bodies well. The real question is what we are doing while being in the cue, I think the most popular activity is checking messages. The physical state is always misleading because the built-in decay system is hidden, it is obvious that every physical being and object will cease to exist in its known form and evaporate or decompose to its core ingredients, those atoms would regroup again to construct another form of life or another inanimate object. This transformation with a spirit is called the cycles of life which like the circle, once it is observed has no beginning nor end.

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