Human life, like a broken mirror, cannot be viewed properly without fixation. The shattered pieces are always there on the ground ready to be collected, to be placed in order to form the original mirror again. It is a matter of awareness and choice.

Awareness that we are not complete, that we live in an eternal deficiency process, that in order to reform as a united coherent being we have to modify our understanding of who we really are and what is our purpose in this universe. It is our choice to encompass and act upon this imperative.

Most of human beings prefer not to relate to those questions and live happily till they leave their bodies. If happiness is what drives you in life better live a full life immersed in the physical body rather than contemplate, ruminate and meditate on spirit-body missing pieces that lay around you.

Modern life makes it harder to reconnect to the true human essence. People are usually disconnected from the natural rhythm of life, star watching, seasonal cycles, from moderate eating and stress. The gap between destiny and reality gets larger and the bridge that should be built between human spirit and body should be longer as the differences between human beings, nationalities and religions gets wider.

At this time it is our destiny to find and build our personal mirror again.

Mirror should reflect reality, because of our senses and brain limitations we receive a tiny portion of reality from which we build our life perception and convince ourselves and others that this is what exists. That the whole universe responds to the same rules we encounter on planet Earth and that we have to feed and cherish our physical bodies.

If we manage to fix our shattered mirror I assume we would appear on two separate screens. In the first one we will be but a tiny dot within star galaxies and galaxy clusters that are the brick stones of the universe that surround our planetary system. In this module we are but our contribution to a larger wider net that is based on all awakened human being's brains.

In the second we will appear as egg shaped, blue on top, yellow red on the sides and green below. In this mirror a human being resembles the different variations of energy coats that he or she wears.

Collecting the shattered glass pieces can be dangerous, can cut the skin, could pour blood. But in the end there is not a greater mission in human life than fixing our life mirror.

In the beginning working with broken glass can turn to be not only dangerous but create a distorted perception of reality. If you look at a broken glass with most of its parts missing we are in a position of admitting our limitations. A broken mirror with more voids than glass can lead to a more distorted world than if not looking at this mirror at all.

The work life attached to broken mirrors is to remind ourselves that we are but tiny beings in an everlasting universe, that what we see is but a very small part of what exists. Nevertheless with that we have the magical powers to ponder about our ray of creation and slowly enlarge our reality perception till in one of our future cycles we might have our life mirror intact so we can break it and move to our next level mirror.

Have magic in your life

Ted Barr, Carmel Mountain, March 2013

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