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The world as seen by human beings five hundred years ago was much clearer. There were empires, religions and cultures that created a simple definition of life for its citizens. If you were a Christian you would abide by a set of Christian rules, just as a Muslim or Buddhist would live his life according to a known set of rules. If you were a farmer your son would probably be a farmer as well. The leading dynasties exchanged between a few tribes. It was very clear then who is an ally and who is an enemy, who belongs to the royal family and who is a soldier or a peasant.


Social mobility was very scarce, but with it stability and in times of peace even prosperity or small positive changes in life conditions, that at that time looked like great progress.


Five hundred years later and nothing is clear any more. The leading dynasties are falling, emperors and empires are torn apart and religions are more dogmatic but more universal as well. A Catholic artist friend said to me that though he visits Church every Sunday he considers himself a Buddhist.

There are two main opposite directions in human existence in the 21st century, a desire to belong and an ongoing wish for personal expression.


The desire to belong is a global trend that makes more and more people ask questions about the meaning of their existence and to try and find meaning for their lives.


The wish for personal expression is the cause of more tattoos in the world, every human wants to explore and show its uniqueness. This phenomenon can go both ways from inspiring art made by outsider artists to serial killers. The cry, ‘I am different’ is there and gets louder as the mega companies and trends conquer all countries and nations. The more global the human becomes the greater the yearning to seek out for differences, personal talents and strengths. Everyone wants a personal identification that would differentiate him from the crowd but with that there is a collective power searching for a higher truth for deciphering life’s enigma.


Nowadays most of the human beings live in two realities, the physical and the cyber. The fact that in few seconds human beings can be connected all over the globe and share ideas and messages is a crucial change that has led to the fall of emperors and monarchies.


In the future I see only one global passport rather than many national ones. The global citizen would have to swear an oath to just respect other human beings and that he won’t harm planet Earth and all the creatures living on this planet. That’s all that is needed to be the future global citizen.

In a world dominated by cyber space and computerized reality there won’t be need for physical borders.



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