Oded and Shara Porat

Austria, Germany and Switzerland

I'm deeply inspired by universal connectivity

                  Everything Including Life is Temporary

Oded Porat earned an M.A. degree in business management with a wealth of experience in both Israel and central Europe. He built and owns businesses that are active in Hungary and Austria for the past 15 years.


Email: oded@ted.co.il   

Tel:   +43-680-445-1871             


Originally from Hungary, Shara Porat has many years experience in different businesses from gastronomy to real estate in Hungary and Austria. Shara has a rich background in art and is also a versatile artist that produces art work using many different mediums.


Email: oded@ted.co.il   

Tel:   +43-680-445-1871             


Noga Shahar, Hui Zhang

China and Hong Kong

NOGART CN is a leading western art and design agent in China. It represents artists and designers from around the world, organizing a wide-range of commercial, academic and cultural activities in China.


Email: zhangshahar@gmail.com



Raphael Fass

Belgium and The Netherlands

Born and raised in Antwerp, Belgium, Raphael holds a Masters degree in Business Administration from the European University College of Brussels.  Over the past years, Raphael acquired significant experience in managing the sales and marketing operations for internet startups and specialized himself in transforming private ventures into global enterprises allowing him to build and maintain solid business relationships with partners and clients in Europe, Asia, USA and Latin America.


Email: raf@ted.co.il



Robin Babitt

State of Florida, U.S.A.

Robin has been a designer for over 30 years, adding both color and flair to the ordinary, making it extraordinary. Robin began as a needlepoint artist, painting the canvases for silk threads and beads and later became involved in visual art, painting murals and clothing. A resident of Delray Beach, Florida, Robin is a Real Estate Agent and Image Consultant for men. In 2013 Robin met Ted Barr at Spectrum, where he was showcased, while she and her colleague were showcased at the Collector's Lounge at Art Basel, the Miami Project. Robin identifies with Ted's art and that it gives the eye a unique and dynamic insight on the artist himself, his history and the palette from which his creation was conceived, leaving one intrigued with his technique, his passion and his intention.


Email: peaceandharmony37@gmail.com



Federica Sosta


Federica Sosta, artist and curator, has dedicated years to the development of platforms where artists and creative people can come together , collaborate and share expertise and skills. Her research supports and promotes cross-disciplinary projects characterized by an artistic practice that is related to the different territories and contexts. She gives attention to urban practices to experiment with new languages ​​, creating new trends , new rituals and new social awareness . As curator Federica is interested in curatorial practice that is halfway between artistic production and thought’s production, in favor of a concept of co–authorship.


Email: francisdotflux@gmail.com



Maayan Oppenheim

States of New York and Connecticut, U.S.A.

Emerging from the music and theater world, Singer Songwriter, Record Label Owner and Actress Maayan Oppenheim has been an art fan from early childhood. As the daughter of established painter and sculptor Hagit Farber and a descendant of painter Moritz Daniel Oppenheim, Maayan has been made aware of the hardship artists go through on the path to greatness. Her own creative journey led her to discover her passion for empowering contemporary artists and raising the general public's the awareness of art that inspires people to connect, dare to truly feel and to believe in themselves and the world as benevolent forces.


Maayan has found a mentor and a life coach in Ted Barr.  She immediately resonated with Ted's paintings - the colors, shapes, layers, the intricate technique and the intuitive expression all made sense to her "as if they were painted to the soundtrack of [her] life".  Maayan views Ted Barr's art and teachings as life changing gifts to the world, that everyone should have the privilege of experiencing.


Email: maayan.oppenheim@gmail.com



Scott Talmon

Project Coordinator


Scott is from the United States and has lived in Israel for over twenty years. Scott worked as an interior designer for the past several years specializing in both residential and commercial projects. He also has an extensive background in production coordination and marketing and communications having worked for documentary film and news companies and for the British Council.


Email: scott@ted.co.il



Shachar Rabanne


Shachar, born and raised in Haifa, is a fashion stylist, lifestyle blogger and columnist for Xnet, one of Israel's largest online magazines. As one of Israel's leading tastemakers he often appears on television to talk about fashion and style. Shachar chose to represent Ted because of his love of art and belief in Ted's mission to bring people together through art and life quest.


Email: srabanne@gmail.com 



Rafael Grinberg Costa

Sao Paulo Brazil

Rafael is an architect specializing in interior and design projects linked to sustainability. His work has been featured in several publications. He has travelled the globe and having been to every continent has greatly influenced and broadened his knowledge and enthusiasm for art and fashion. 


Email: rafacosta8@hotmail.com