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One of the epic human stories is depicted in the book of Genesis.


The Garden of Eden was the place where Adam and Eve the archetypes of mankind had all they needed without any effort. They had access to abundance of food and beauty with one restriction only; there is one forbidden fruit they shouldn’t eat, the tree of knowledge, besides that everything else was theirs, with all the time to enjoy life without worries.


Good stories can’t be boring, so the Bible has an unexpected twist in the story board with the Serpent that seduces Eve to eat from the forbidden tree with a unique conviction “God knows that in the day you eat from it (the tree of knowledge) your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil”.


The Serpent inserts in Eve’s mind that there are other possibilities than to blindly obey God orders and it is to taste the tree of knowledge fruit and become wiser.


When Eve eats the fruit (there is no evidence it was an apple) she immediately offers it to Adam.


In Hebrew it is written ‘vatipakahna eineihem lirot’ the translation is that when Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit their eyes    became widely open and they started to see.


This was the first time they realized they are naked and had some leaves to cover their bodies, this was the first time they hide in fear from God.

The interesting story behind the words is what they suddenly saw? What was hidden from Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden and why God OR THE CREATOR OF THIS GARDEN kept in secret or tried to protect?

Imagine a world without this Serpent which was but a messenger in this epic story.


We were living till nowadays in Eden, everything was done for us, no worries, no assignments, no salary, no fines, no wars. No extra needs, everything is there ready and ripe, all we have to do is sit under a coconut tree and eat.

Would you like to live in such a world? The first reaction is YES, but then for how long?


Living all life doing nothing just surviving?


There isn t anything written by chance in this story, the Serpent was there waiting with a message, you can’t live all your life without confronting reality, and reality unfortunately is outside the Garden of Eden. To really see human beings have to share the tree of knowledge fruit and be expelled from Eden.

It is not only that human beings have to struggle in their life, as a punishment to Adam, God sets a short span of time for each human being on this planet in which working hard and sweating  for bread is natural part of human existence.


So the trade off is seeing reality and working hard agaist being ignorant and doing nothing.


I think we should change our attitude to serpents.


Have magic in your life

Ted Barr

Milan, Italy, September 2014

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