Bridge for Peace

Art Installation Proposal

Idea - Ted Barr Design, Architect Benny Perry V5 Arch



There is a simple solution for the Israeli Palestinian debate.


The people of Israel and the people of Palestine long for peaceful lives. The problem is not with the people, but with the leaders and governments.


The whole territorial dispute between Palestine and Israel is about 4% of the occupied land in the West Bank.


My suggestion is to build a bridge that would be called the Bridge for Peace, between the Gaza strip and the West Bank. This bridge, in reality, would be 34 kilometers long, and with the supply areas (gas stations, warehouses, stores) it will cover the 4% territorial claim of the Palestinians.


At the Marseille Biennale I suggest to build a 34 meter long bridge that would resemble the actual planned bridge.


The two main pillars, Israeli and Palestinian, would be constructed from wood wide enough for inner stairs. A photo exhibition would be shown inside from rough war shots at the base of the pillar, to finer and subtler photos as the visitor climbs up. The bridge would be created out of arms (model arms) because it is the arm that shakes hand in friendship. From the Palestinian pillar the arms would be covered with kafiyas and from the Israeli pillar with kipas (yarmulkes), but in the center it would be covered with kafiyas  and kipas mixed together. The bridge would be 2 meters wide resembling the 2 km width in reality.


The pillar would be five meters in height. The average human height is 170 cm, so five meters is meant to represent the three generations involved in this conflict.


I see this project as an inspiring opportunity to clearly convey that ordinary people want to see Israel and Palestine live together peacefully, and inshalla, that a visionary leader would embrace this solution for a true peace process.


Marhaba – Shalom


Ted Barr