Thirty-eight words on the second day of creation in which Heaven and Earth were created.


But isn't it a repetition? Heaven and Earth were created in the first day also so what differs on this day?


Because it is so short I'll translate the second day of creation. It is my loose translation derived from the original Hebrew:


God said let there be firmament into the water and he differentiated between water and water.


God created the firmament and then differentiated between the waters above and below the firmament and so it was done.


God named the firmament heaven.


There was evening, there was morning, Monday


It is a short and enigmatic chapter that raises a few thoughts and questions.


  • God created Heaven and Earth on the first day, eventually Heaven was the first godly creation so why the need to recreate it?

  • The separation between the water under and above the firmament created the oceans, but the seas and oceans were created only on Tuesday.

  • In this story the firmament was within the waters. It seems that the universe, on the second day, was under water.

  • On a larger scale there can’t be a universal firmament so is it the description of the local Planet Earth creation?

  • I translated firmament from the Hebrew word רקיע -  'Rakiaa'  meaning in some esoteric exigencies of the Bible the background from which the Godly spirit operates.


Dwelling on those questions brings to mind that the words, and their spelling, in the Bible are very precise. The world is created and destroyed by words. Letters and words create our known reality, so I tried to decipher what is it about the second day of creation that differs from the first day and what additional information do we get here in the universal creational process.


On the first day God created the four elements, the building blocks of our universe: Heaven, Earth, Water and Light and on the second day the only creation is of the firmament which has only one task, to be a clear separation between the waters - those above and those underneath.


Looking at it from the Kabbala writings all those acts are symbols for the world - the real and the imaginary yet to come. Water, in Kabbalist symbolism is life. In the ten Sephirot, which are ten acquired essences for personal development and purification, the three highest ones are: Keter - Hochma - Bina, the simple translation is : Crown – wisdom – intelligence, but the deeper meaning of those Sephirot is that they can be acquired only on an angelic level and angels are believed to live in heaven.


The Sephirot contain the essence of purified human actions that are genuinely human and have nothing to do with divisions and segregations. A human being transforms up this ladder of Sephirot by retrieving higher energies and by purification. The human being becomes a better vessel for a higher frequency, thus perpetuating a cycle of personal development that in higher forms transcends to whoever is around the person and is called illumination.


For climbing the spiritual ladder there should be a clear division between what makes you grow and what stops you, truth or falsity, progress and retreat.


In this chapter there is the second division mentioned in the Genesis story, the first was between light and darkness, now we have the division of life into being and higher being.


Water – life under the firmament

Water – life above the firmament


In the entire Genesis story we witness preparations for future creation, such as the light on the first day before the stars, sun and moon are created. And in chapter two we read about the preparations for a higher self, before human creation on Friday. According to Kabbala teachings it is not water above heaven and water under heaven; it is the preparation of human choice. This also appears in most ancient religions like in Ancient Egypt the upper and underworlds and the same in the traditions of the Australian Aborigines and the Maya.


In Hebrew the word Heaven is שמים (Shamayim) and 'Mayim' is water so in this sense heaven contains life.


Have magic in your life

Ted Barr

October 2016 Ramat Hasharon