The real world is hidden to the eye, what we see is infinitesimal to what exists; it is but the very tip of the reality iceberg that is revealed to the human eye.


I see the world as endless vibrating energetic entities, I will call them 'momentides' that only when condensed take a physical form and can be identified by name. Momentides are everywhere in the hidden roots and in the visible branches, trunks and fruits. They are oscillating, vibrating always on the move as are stars and galaxies. Existence in the universe is defined by motion, there isn’t a still planet, star or galaxy, all are in constant movement and when a star dies it emits its matter and energy in to the universe as building bricks for another celestial element.


Momentides are the brick stones of all existence, both the visible and the void together. The world around us is full of vibrations as is the world within our bodies, the blood flow, the respiration of the lungs and the kidneys' function create an energetic field around each human being that with a refined vision can be detected, seen and measured just like an energetic field around planets, stars and galaxies.


Momentides can be shown as billions and billions of butterflies waving their wings in constant movement, creating waves of energy, flowing from to each corner of the universe.


When there is a conglomeration of butterflies, or momentides, in a central place the energetic flow condenses. Those tiny unseen butterflies become a giant butterfly that is momentarily revealed as a living entity, the next moment the magic of revelation disappears again as the momentides disperse. The physical vision disappears into the shades of the unseen worlds that are mistakenly called the void.


Momentides are the connection between life and death that are but two forms of being in the same bar of life. Life as we see it is a condensed form of momentides that produce seen energetic activity, death is the dispersion of those momentides to a less condensed form, to a refined energetic wave that is not seen to the eye. The physical body encapsulates the human essence; it is called spirit, or the divine, or Neshama in Hebrew.  The given name doesn’t matter the meaning in all religions and esoteric learning is the same. Death is a moment of freedom for the spirit, it should be celebrated as birth and not cause so much agony and despair as is the case in western culture.


The understanding that our real life is rooted in the unseen energetic worlds that are formed by zillions of momentides leads to the symbol of an upside down tree, the roots are unseen, we taste the fruits of the unseen worlds, the energetic flow of all the momentides in the universe determine who we are and what we are.


Momentides speak about unity. In the real world there isn't separation, there isn't a Jew MOMENTIDE, a Christian or a Muslim one. The entire visible world emerges from a constant flow of endless unlimited energetic fields filled with momentides that form the butterflies in our lives.


Time is part of the seen world illusion. In the unseen world there isn’t linear time but a spiral shaped energetic flow of momentides that can swap and change endless times in the star’s life span. This is another way to look at the short span of human life, we are aware of one life time because we are subject to the seen world determined by the physical body. In the unseen world, this ‘one time’ journey is but one of endless appearances and disappearances of the human spirit Each emergence is called birth, when the physical body rots like when fruit is rotten it falls from the tree but the tree continues to live and will offer new fruits each year. The fallen fruit holds the seed for new growth in the future so it is not death but another form of existence that might appear later when the momentides gather together in the seen world.


Momentides are always there, if we see them or give them names it doesn’t change the fact that the world around us is constantly vibrant and full of movement that never stops. When we sleep we are not aware of the outer world. When we die we are not aware of the outer world either. Death is relevant to the physical body only in that which is irrelevant to the real human essence that continues to flow in the form of momentides in other dimensions.


It is time to cherish the roots rather than admire the fruits. In this very moment that you read these words there are swarms of momentides delivering the message to your brain, deciphering letters into meaning and meaning to thoughts and actions.


Pause for a moment, the world still goes on but this moment is gone in this lifetime.


Have magic in your life


Ted Barr, Ramat Hasharon, February 2015