A reporter asked me a few questions about my art and then asked some personal questions; amongst them was what I think about Muslims. I have a few Bedouin friends that are Muslims and I answered that I can't treat, and think, about all Muslims alike. I told her that my view about the people I encounter in my life is totally different.


My categories are momentary and eternal.


Momentary are all those people that appear in my life for moments or hours and disappear before noticed, it can be a driver that shouts at the traffic light or a woman with a dog at the park. Those are momentary people that won't affect my life.


Eternal people are family, good friends or human beings that share with me the same faith and destiny. Those are people I'll invest my time and spirit in, those people can enable me to grow.


There are times when I see a momentary person I want to bring into my eternal life so that I make an extra effort to know him or her better. It can be a poor child that needs help. Those people can enable me to grow by giving.

The eternal people can easily turn into momentary if the energy invested in the relationship is reduced.


Nothing in life, including life itself, is eternal. So nothing can be guaranteed but at least there are a set of priorities.


Have magic in your life