Everything that exists is defined by its absence.


Light defines darkness, black defines white, void defines matter and death defines life. We can't have a matter perception without placing this matter in real dimensions, take the dimensions out of the picture and you get void. The void is not defined by time-space figures but by the lack of them.


So all matter in the universe is but the mirror idea of the void, no matter how big or condensed would be the matter (suns, galaxies), it occupies a previous void, and eventually will give way to the void again. There is not new void or old void, for the void we need other definitions like occupation or absence.

The other possibility is that void and matter are the same phenomenon on similar bars of existence, actually it's not a bar with the ordinary vertical or horizontal  coordinates but a cycle in which there is an eternal passage between void-energy-matter, as between white-grey-black, conception-birth-life-death.


The greatest enigma of all is the origin of the universe. In the matter approach we need to include God in the equation in order to explain the first ignition known as the Big Bang. Scientific explanations can't reveal this mystery, what or who created the first brick stones of our universe. In the void approach there are no first brick stones as there is no primordial matter. Our universe is but one of multiple universes. The cycle of existence is eternal and won't ever change. The void was there just as matter was there. Nothing is created but everything is transformed in the everlasting process of void-matter transformation.


The scale of time is billions of years; our sun will collapse in 4.5 billion years and will turn into a white dwarf. From 400,000 miles in diameter it will condense to 14 miles in diameter, leaving a great void around its former place. Human beings can't grasp these dimensions because in human scale the universe stays unchanged. In galactic scale every minute a star is born and another dies. Maybe in universal scale a universe is born and another universe turns into void.


Have magic in your life

Ted Barr, New Jersey, June 2012