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Shlomo Tzafrir, my late teacher, said to me once that you have to work hard in order to become lucky and then when the goddess of luck knocks on your door you better be at home. What happened in my life this past year was a culmination of twenty years of an art career, seven of them under the strict teaching of Tzafrir. It can be viewed as sheer coincidence or pure luck. I never take things for granted.


“A day after your solo show at the Guggenheim, you will enter your studio and paint, promise me that”’ ordered Tzafrir.


Our relationship was of the classic scholar and master, total obedience.


“Okay” I said.


I didn't have a clue where the Guggenheim is and never showed my art till then.

I started painting my own galaxies and stars only after Tzafrir's death in 2002, until then I learned figurative drawing, landscapes, human bodies and still life.


I painted for a few months without any guidance, slowly developing the multi- layered tar technique. I had no intention to exhibit or to sell but a curator saw my art and invited me to my first solo show in Tel Aviv. Then another curator invited me to a solo show in the Tel Aviv press house. The curator of the Old Jaffa Museum invited me to present a solo show promising that a real NASA astronaut will attend the opening and in October of 2007 Jeffery Hoffman from NASA came to Israel and opened my show. At the end of that year I was invited by a NYC gallery to exhibit in Istanbul, then in the Fusionarts museum in NYC. I began delivering the multi-layered tar technique workshops in Guadalajara and San Miguel De Allende, Mexico, Miami, San Francisco, Katmandu, Berlin and San Antonio. Dacia gallery from NYC started representing me then Luminarte gallery in Dallas. All this spread in seven years during which time I had over 120 airline flights.


2015 was different. It was as if in one year all I did up until now exploded all at once. It started on March 1st when I traveled to Milan for a fashion show by Label2 revealing our new collection 'Emerging from the White', based on my art.

Ted Barr for Label2 Fashion Show Milan
Ted Barr for Label2 Fashion Show Men's collection
Ted Barr for Label2

In May I traveled to Perugia where I had a solo show curated by Giancarlo Pastonchi and Alessandro Berni. From Perugia I went to Milan where I met Leondardo Rotatori and Valentina Fasan who offered me to curate a show during the Venice Biennale.

Solo Show Ted Barr Perugia Alessandro Berni Gallery
Solo Show Ted Barr Alessandro Berni Gallery Perugia

In July I had a spiritual session with my best friend Lior Jacob in Harbin California, sadly Harbin burned down two months later. In the end of July I participated in a residency in Favorelles France where I prepared my art for the 'Scholar and Master' show based on Raphael's masterpiece 'The School of Athens', in the Palazzo Barbarigo Minotto in Venice. From there I went on to Madrid to view in the Prado the originals of Raphael.

Residency in Favorelles France

In September I participated in Artprize the biggest art show in the United States with more than 500,000 visitors in three weeks. From there I flew for two days to Miami to meet a group of investors who plan to invest in the Ted Barr brand and then I flew to Venice where I invited eleven artists to take part in an inspiring show in the Palazzo Barbarigo Minotto where at the opening event the original players of La traviata perform the opera for us.

Ted Barr exhibition Palazzo Barbarigo Minotto Venice
Palazzo Barbarigo Minotto Exhibition

Palazzo Barbarigo Minotto 

Palazzo Barbarigo Minotto 

Art Prize


Art Prize


In November I was invited to paint a Ferrari car in front of a live audience in Boca Raton Florida. One Ferrari was already wrapped in my artwork and the other I painted with bee's wax. In the background there was a trailer from a documentary film about my borning life, produced by Itai Cohen.


In the beginning of December I curated, together with Alessandro Berni, and participated in the Scope show during Art Basel Miami week. On January 16  2016 I returned to Florida to attend another show I curated in Palm Beach.

During this year we developed our collections of jewelry and accessories and produced our first model for furniture and home decor. My Deep Space artwork was reproduced in large format for the interior design of a media company's offices.


Sometimes it is hard for me to believe that all this really happened, so I keep documenting and uploading all my events, first to remind myself to be at home when the luck fairy knocks on my window and second, to remind all those artists who wonder how to present their art that I founded the Current art group to help and assist you wherever you are.


Have magic in your life.

Ted Barr

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