Life for me is a miracle, an unexpected sequence of relations, feelings, images, memories, dreams, fear and hope that compose my being in this world.


The constant awe about the life I've got is the main reason I write and paint. I'm trying to express this feeling of inspiration by words, color and form so that other human beings will be able to connect to the magic in their lives.


When I was twenty I served as an officer in the army. A grenade exploded killing my best friend next to me. Except for ringing in my ears I wasn't wounded. It was then, for the first time, that I understood I'm but a momentary visitor on planet Earth.


In my art I'm trying to transfer the contradiction and duality between the magic of life and our limitations, between the fact that all chances are against us but we are still here and for a limited span of time, between human life and star life.


I started painting galaxies and stars inspired by the Hubble telescope images. Then I painted the Human Formation series inspired by Lennart Nilsson's photography of the embryonic stages in the womb. What strikes me is the resemblance between those two subjects.


My recent series of paintings is called The Cycle of Life, which is the mélange of those two topics. In these paintings I try to express my belief that human life is but a journey with no beginning or end, that there is a distinction between our limited and short physical embodiment, and our eternal spirit that has its own cycles.