Ted Barr for Label2

Art and Fashion come together and interact within 'Emerging from the White', where the creations of Label2 become blank canvases and where the imagination of Ted Barr takes shape.


Emerging from the White Capsule Collection


β€˜β€™In my art I use white as the representation of the everlasting journey of human life and the spirit-mind-body connection. White is a collective color. Its energy contains all other color frequencies.’’ 

'Emerging from the White' Capsule Collection is a result of the meeting between Creative Fashion Design and Art and was born from the desire to support innovation and emerging talent, and the desire to meld fashion with contemporary artistic practices. The new collection by Label2, strictly in neoprene and silk organza, is a testament to the versatility of the young brand, which has been able to meet and hybridize with art, creating items with a strong personality able to redesign the female and masculine contemporary identity.


Label2 is a young brand consisting of two creative minds, Alen Pinku and Andrea Popovic, who met and work in Milan. Their distinctive feature is the use of defined shapes, unique cuts, inherent minimalism and strong personality, guaranteed by the skillful use of an innovative and original material present in all their collections - neoprene. Their creations shape new forms in contemporary fashion, creating garments not only to wear but to be lived.


For more information please contact our representative in Italy,  Federica Sosta


Emerging from the White - The Show


The collection premiered on March 1st 2015 in Milan during Fashion Week Woman 2015.

In 'Emerging from the White' Ted Barr and Label2 shape the elemental forces that generate the universe through items, not only to wear, but to be lived. The resulting structures are images, archetypes and references to symbolic forms that reside in our collective unconscious. The white in the collection is the color of creation, light and purity. It is the cistern of all the possibilities of existence; it contains all the latent forms that preceded the creation, encompasses the moments prior to the birth of anything, the very moment that anticipates the genesis. The white embodies the silences, the gaps, the questions that resonate within us and the exploding becoming matter, turning into color and form.


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Graphic Design by Bratislav Tasic