Human life is not a straight line.


It starts in sperm-ovum bondage, the conception that marks the beginning of the miraculous formation of the physical human body. It continues with the rapid growth of the embryo in the womb. Birth marks the appearance of a child into this world with a name and from this moment on there is constant development in mass and size to form a self-functioning entity until adulthood.


With physical growth there are major changes in the brain, senses, emotions and perception. The grown up human being is aware and receptive of the world around and thus able to exchange and communicate his thoughts and feelings.


The third level of development is the human essence, the spirit that absorbs all activities and thoughts and translates it into potential progress. The main objective of the spirit is refinement.


The physical body functions on a survival basis and operates as a vehicle for the spirit.


There is the brain that conducts all human activities, thoughts and feelings.

And there is the spirit that is nourished by the electrical emanation that the brain produces.


The human journey is spiral shaped; it starts in perception growth and develops till the full human body is formed. It keeps the same form for about 40 years and then starts to decay until the evaporation of the physical human body.


In this process of growth and expansion data and knowledge play a major part in the human experience. Human beings are fast learners, the brain adopts repetitive patterns to collect, absorb and decipher vast amounts of information from the outer world and translate it into the activation of intuition, feelings, memories, writing, art, and other human activities culminating in a sharing with other human beings.


From the first cell to the complex, grown human body the energetic process is exponential, thus the spiral shape.


The full picture of human life is not terminated by the end of the physical journey, it continues to another spiral that forms the new host of the same spirit. All those spirals are connected by myriad threads depicting the connections between the generations. In this visual picture we can imagine large numbers of inner lighted snails connected to other snails by colored thin cords.


Ted Barr, Milan, March 2015