I often ask myself, how is it that I'm doing so many things that have nothing to do with well-being and happiness? How is it that most of the time I’m dealing with problems rather than enhancing my life and those of relatives and friends? When I started having conversations about these issues, I found that it wasn’t just me but that the majority of the people I know live in a constant state of frustration. We live in an era of disclaim. We have almost everything in the alternative world of matter, but we lack the most precious thing of all - passion for life, for transformation, for sharing.


One fact none of us can deny is that human life has a beginning and an end and that the physical body is here to stay for less than 100 years, which in planetary or galaxy scale is but an infinitesimal time span. So why deny happiness and bliss? Why stay busy for all the wrong reasons? And why not simply say ‘no’ to what stops us from anticipating tomorrow with a smile?


I’m not writing this because I saw the light, far from it.  So far in life I experienced more darkness than bright days but am proud to say that I gained a clear sense that it‘s there - light, happiness, life and passion is there and is accessible to everyone.


I don’t believe in radical changes. We can always start with small steps in the right direction, such as taking one afternoon to ourselves and during these private hours do only what makes us happy and meet only with people that enhance our lives. Those of you who dreamt of painting, it’s never too late to start. Those that always wanted to play the guitar, or walk barefoot on the beach, that kind of afternoon would be a perfect time to start.


It can be a morning as well, it can be a week, a month or an entire lifetime, but it’s important to start by saying: “I will do that for me, I deserve that because I won’t live forever.”


Have magic in your life


Ted Barr, February, 2013