Ted Barr was born in Constance Romania, on the shores of the Black Sea. At the age of four, his family immigrated to Israel. In 1975 Barr was drafted into the Israeli army, in which he served as a regular soldier, officer, and reservist for twenty-six years. In 1992 Barr graduated from Israeli Battalion Commanders' Academy and served as a deputy battalion commander with the rank of a Major.



Over the years we go on different exhibitions to show case what we do to people. We engage in public display of our art works and items which can be of interest to people at strategic places like art galleries, museums and trade fairs.


We support and promote our works by partnering with art galleries that display our visual arts.
These Art Galleries have different curators and are located in strategic places.

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62nd Annual Meeting of the Israel Physical Society at December 2016

Exhibition and Guest Speaker

'Between Physics and Art'

 Ted Barr Filling His Space

 Ted Barr Filling His Space   Architect Benny Perry