First was the void, then movement in the void. Movement defines matter as matter defines the void.


If there is matter, there is anti-matter which appears as void and anti-void which appears as matter.


Then the void expands and the matter along with it. Silence for long period. Time doesn’t exist yet.


A fine vibration oscillates matter and void causing bigger formations; the denser the frequency the more energy is turned into matter and forms new gas formations that turn into nebulae, stars and galaxies.


The chaotic period of a universe's formation ends in order, thanks to the gravitation king that governs the universe and sets the cosmic rules:


No celestial element will live alone

Everything is on the move

Evolution is the key arrow in creation

Universal movements are elliptical and spiral shaped

Light is the bookkeeper of the universe


When there is order, defined shapes and orbits there is time and directions.

There was time to create life that would think about all this and remember that first - There was the void.


Have magic in your life

Ted Barr, Perugia, Italy, May 2015