Cycles of creation

Everything including life is temporary, even the hardest rock will eventually evaporate and turn into dust. It is just a matter of time. Our Sun span of life is 9 billion years; a rock can exist in its form few million years, buildings for thousands, human life for less than 100 years, and butterflies for less than a week. All that exists on planet Earth, including our planet itself will eventually transform into another form of matter or energy in an endless cycle of creation, birth, evolution, deformation and rebirth.


Matter is constructed from elementary particles that form planets, galaxies, clusters, human beings and rocks; but it is only 4% of the universal matter that constructs the building blocks of the known universe and about 70% dark energy that is organized to establish cosmic equilibrium, the rest is dark matter.


When a rock erodes it turns into dust that can become the building blocks for other rocks or a land formation. When a Sun explodes in the majestic process called Supernova then its matter, dust and energy could become the basis of some other celestial creation, new planets, comets and suns. Everything is connected; everything has its cycle of living and transformation.


I created the Cycle of life painting series from feeling deeply inspired by universal connectivity. For many years I painted galaxies and stars as manifestation of the constant awe I felt since childhood when looking at the starry skies. These feelings got stronger when I saw the first images sent to planet Earth by the Hubble telescope. Then watched the embryonic photography of Lenart Nilsson was and saw the connection, it inspired me to create the human formation series. It depicts sperm, ovum, embryos and the creation of human organs in the womb during various stages of a pregnancy..


The resemblance between the shapes of embryos and the basic forms of galaxies led to the Cycle of life series in which I attempted to merge the two seemingly separate worlds, embryos, the basic form of life and galaxies, the building blocks of our known universe.


Our universe has no known beginning or end, the Big Bang theory cannot explain what caused the spark of our universe or what created the mass and energy that started it all. That’s where religion filled the void. (I related to the religious aspects in the article 'thoughts about religion').


The common belief systems speak about duality, void and existence, life and death, good and evil. Duality exists in every celestial element, in every living creature. You cannot be without time-space definition, you cannot express yourself without words that are substitute for other words or thoughts and you cannot die without being born. The unfortunate fact is that all human beings die but not all of them live.


In the Cycle of life painting series I tried to transform the duality aspect in a visible form using color and shape. In each painting, other forms of duality are experienced, like: light-heavy, start-end, seen-unseen, dot-line and light-darkness.


In every painting in the Cycle of life series there is an eye which is my personal symbol for the 'seeing' process, the womb for any artistic creation.


Have magic in your life


Ted Barr, San Francisco, CA. September 2011