My studies were aimed to decipher the enigma of human life. What is the reason for a life to manifest itself in physical form and what does it says about human potential to develop and come closer to an elevated spiritual journey? I researched religions and cultures all around the globe such as:  Buddhism, Sufism, Kabbala, Ancient Egyptian myths and the Australian aborigines. In all my studies I asked what the common denominator of all religions is. I thought that if wise humans in diverse places and cultures had the same conclusions about human life, then there should be truth there.


In the esoteric writings and myths of the above mentioned religions and cultures there is the understanding that human beings are but momentary visitors on Planet Earth and that the human essence is embodied in physical form for the purpose of learning, adapting and changing. The appearance of the human body starts with the convergence of sperm and ovum and apparently ends when the spirit leaves the body; this is one cycle of life out of many cycles of appearance, change, fixation, development and disappearance, in a phase, that in many cultures is called death. Death is but the mark of separation between the physical body and the human essence and can be considered as the beginning of a new cycle of life.


I believe in human transformation, in the ability of each human being to accumulate knowledge, to broaden his or her emotional scope and to change for the better.


In light of all that was said above I summarized my life and art theme into three basic phases for one cycle of life:  Emerge, Evolve, Unite


Emerge - There is hidden potential in every human being; all that is needed is the right kind of ignition or trigger to reveal it, but most human beings are afraid and prefer to stay in their comfort zone rather than take risks. I am travelling around the world meeting artists and teaching art workshops in which I repeatedly say that an essential part of life and art is movement. By movement I mean stepping out of your known territory to explore new places, life styles, people, food, techniques and ways of self-expression. You don't have to travel far, sometimes an inner movement and change in ones perception is enough to shed new light on his or hers artistic way, relationships and life quest.  I am frightened by people that claim to hold the truth, because there is no one truth and the truth of today could be the disaster of tomorrow. What matters is curiosity, willingness to share, seeking the good in you and wishing good for others. If there is a truth it lies in the aspect of realizing the real proportions in life. We are very limited creatures with a very limited life span that spend too much of this precious time worrying and quarreling. If there is a way to reduce the tension of living and increase well-being and a common beneficial purpose for all humans then maybe there is a truth in that, but to find it one has to emerge from the selfishness cage and be willing to be exposed, criticized, banned or expelled. All pioneers in every critical revelation of mankind were treated suspiciously, some were condemned to death. Nowadays with the rapid growth of social media nothing is private any more. There is constant flow of information and ideas that gives a huge opportunity for self-expression, so it is up to each human being to decide if it is the right time to emerge from his or her cocoon and say, ' I am here, those are my ideas what do you think?'


Evolve - There is a natural process of growth. There is no human being that was born after one month of pregnancy or started to walk after two months. There is a time for everything and the right time is the prime time for an artist or writer like the prime time for wine and fruit. All this speaks about evolution. You can’t stand still and wait to improve while your life is passing you by just as you can’t expect as an artist that the curator of Moma will accidently pass by your studio and invite you to a solo show next month. Change is an essential part in any development. Older people who remain the same as they were at the age of twenty missed something in their lives. It is not only adding experience, it is the adding up of life's interactions and sharing with others that should cause alteration in the definition of self and the place of the individual in his or her family, society and world.


When I visit a retrospective art show of an artist I am mostly interested in the passages between periods and styles. What caused the artist to express himself so differently over the years?  What is the change in the artist's biography and what do I, as the viewer, feel about it. There are retrospective art shows that deeply move me, it is not art any more that I see but an evolving life of a brave artist and human being that dared to change and by that touch my soul.


Unite – Great people have great ideas but real change is a collective effort.


If we would be created to live alone we wouldn't be given the ability to speak, communicate, and touch. It is in the collective gathering under one cause that can turn the world for the better or worse depending on the motivation behind the idea. Human beings are social creatures; there are the family, social networks, the town, country, and the world with different threads of references but with the same imperative to share. Unity means a perception that celebrates what is common between human beings with the allowance to be different. If all human beings on planet Earth would have a common cause, for example improving and maintain the planet we live on, it that would be a collective effort empowered by seven billion minds, nothing can stand against this kind of power. For real change there is a need for common goals, sharing and unity. We are in the end of the known democratic era. I estimate that in twenty years people won’t put ballots into cardboard boxes in political elections. There will be number of nominees with basic qualifications, and the prime minister will be the one that gets more likes.


Emerge-Evolve-Unite stands for every aspect of human life.


In art you should emerge from the studio, evolve as a human being and artist and make your art known and seen by sharing it with fellow artists and art lovers. This is the reason I founded the Current art group.


Have magic in your life.


Ted Barr

San Francisco, June 2015