The Australian Aborigines have a long tradition of spiritual rituals. In their belief there are no boundaries for the human spirit which can be manifested in animals and trees as well as rocks and lakes. Nature was, and still is, an extension of the human faculties, so if a human has the right connections in the natural spirit world there is not a limit to its power. Not only that, a snake can resemble flexibility, a gliding bird tranquility and a Kangaroo care, all those essences can be acquired in rituals dominated by nature spirits.


In the Australian Aborigines tradition it is up to each and every soul to connect to its true essence by processing natural energies that can elevate the soul to its original function in this lifetime. This process of elevating the soul and connecting to the right energy for each soul is called Dreamtime.


Dreamtime is a process that can take a life time. It is manifested by rituals, meditation, ancient legends and stories that demonstrate the power to change.


Dreamtime is not an earthly time but a separate isle in which time-space parameters are different and strange. In those rituals a baby can teach his father, a man can give birth and a woman can fly to the moon and back in the same evening.