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The fact that we will all die, with no exceptions, determines the attitude towards life.


There is an eternal mechanism in every living body that sets its relevant time on this planet Earth. The physical body has a very limited period of active performance then decay and finally death ensues. From this fact stems a bigger riddle - why is it planned this way, wouldn’t it be better for creation that human beings would stay active for thousands of years, accumulate experience and plan very long term plans?


In all ancient religions there is a clear distinction between the body as the physical embodiment of the true self and the soul-spirit, a finer, energetic essence of human existence. It is quoted in the Bible, Koran and the Tibetan book of the dead that the spirit correlates with the physical body through its life time and leaves the body in the moment of death, thus all reincarnation theories have became very popular in new age writings.


In my view the universe is a collective creation. There is no meaning to individual appearance or action. On planet Earth there is a unique environmental situation that enables life as we know it, but it is very possible that on other planets, from the more than 100 billion stars in our galaxy alone, that there will be some other form of energy with central direction or collective action that might be a sign of other forms of spirit colonies.  I don t believe that the physicality of those entities would be similar to ours at all. Just as we can’t imagine what is in other galaxies, we can’t grasp the totally different approach to shape-spirit correlation.


Death is but a comma in an everlasting chapter of human existence that is one of endless chapters in the galaxy book, which is just one of the many volumes of the universe.


Death marks the return of the spirit back to its original place of existence as a pure electrical entity that is not enslaved by the physical body. From that the human grave is not at all important as it might be that he or she would be remembered for three generations but that is it. New bodies are created to host new spirits or the same spirits that are bodiless.


It is said in those ancient religions that the aim of human life is to refine its spirit by good deeds and positive thought.  I have no idea if this is true but at least it tracks life in a positive direction.


Have magic in your life

Ted Barr

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