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Current deep space scientists estimate that our universe is built mostly of unknown matter and energy. They named them dark matter and energy, dark in the sense of enigmatic, all absorbing, unknown, undefined. The surprising fact that stemmed from the expanding universe was that our known matter is only 4% of the universe's building blocks. By known matter scientists refer to the subatomic, molecular compounds that are the foundation of our lives. Stars and galaxies are built from the same fundamental matter.


There are strange connections between human machinery and the universe. There are about 100 billion stars in a galaxy; scientists estimate that there are 100 billion galaxies in the universe, there are 100 billion brain cells in every human brain.


There is much research over the last fifty years to decipher the brain activity enigma, there isn’t an agreed upon number about brain efficiency, estimates vary between 5% - 10% for the average human being.


So it might be that the same universal format is imprinted in human beings as well. There are the known 5% brain capabilities and functions that enable daily activities, thoughts, dreams and feelings; the rest of the brain potential is dark matter and energy.


As the main aim of astrophysics departments all around the globe is to find out what are those enigmatic findings, the same should apply to human science, what is the destiny of our brain? Why was it built is such an intricate manner? Why are there two hemispheres and a bridge between them? And how come, with all the progress in science, we still use so little of our brain capacity?


Human physical structure remained the same for 2 million years, what changed immensely is the human brain. Human development lies in the ability to expand brain capabilities. We won't grow another arm or leg, but we can have better use of our brain by deciphering the dark matter and energy within and maybe that will bring about the idea that just as all neurons and nerve cells collaborate for accurate data and information transmission, so too should human beings. That can be viewed as the brain cells of our planet Earth.


Have magic in your life!

Ted Barr

Ramat HaSharon, November 2014


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