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From where did it all start? And what is the purpose of being?


Those two enigmatic questions bothered me since early age. The starry nights were my childhood playground, which is no wonder I was considered a weirdo. I thought about the idea that out there, far away in the deep skies there can be another weirdo like me thinking the same thoughts. My main desire was to connect to all those that share the same idea that the universe is bound together by mysterious strings.


When starting to paint the deep space I found that there is a great resemblance among celestial elements, there are not triangle stars nor rectangular ones, comets won't turn around and galaxy clusters would not collapse suddenly. In the universe there exists an eternal balance, in most religions the term translation to that balance is God.


In 2008 I started to paint a new series named Human Formation, inspired by the inner body photography of the Swedish photographer Lenard Nilsson. I painted embryos, the formation of the organs in several stages of pregnancy, finger prints, and other human formation images. What amazed me more was the resemblance between the deep space images and the deep space celestial elements and movements.


The idea of the Cycle of Life (COL) art series stems from the resemblance between the elementary bricks of the universe as cells, molecules, embryos and sperms to the biggest formats as stars, galaxies and clusters.


The current scientific explanation of the universe's creation speaks about a huge blast (the Big Bang), 13.7 billion years ago that spread all the known matter in the universe. The problem is that the human mind can not cope with those dimensions. Imagine all the matter of our planet earth condensed into a basketball, now we have nine basketballs in the solar system and we condense all of them into one tennis ball. In our Milky Way galaxy there are 100 billion stars like our Sun. Can you imagine condensing them all into a ping pong ball? There are about 100 billion galaxies in our known universe. The idea that the origin of all that immensity is coin size matter is impossible to fathom, let alone the fact that the known matter, as we know it today, consists of only 4% of the universe's building bricks, about 24% are considered to be black matter and the rest black energy.


So, from where did it all start? When asked the same question, the Dalai Lama answered, from another universe. I went with this answer a bit further. In all religions there is the belief that the human body is but the fortress to protect the kingdom which has many names in various languages. I will call it the spirit, which is the true essence of human existence and that has an electrical form, the spirit defines the true self. But in modern life it is the body that gets all the attention, it is like the bodyguard will be invited to dinner with the prime minister and the visiting president will eat the remains.


Matter and energy are substitutes for one another. Near the speed of light the basic formation of matter transforms into a different dimension as in human life, death is but a passage to another dimension, the electrical energetic based essence of the spirit. So birth is not a new beginning but one of endless ways of human manifestation, and death is not the end but the allowance of the prime minister to transform into its true being without the restrictions of the bodyguard. The thought of infinity does not exist in the physical realm, and not in any temporary being. Those thoughts are originated from the spirit that has an eternal existence. Meaningful life is a life in which death has a significant meaning, life and death are bound together, death is but a passage to another dimension, and this basic notion leads to the grasp of the spirit's eternal existence.


There is a surprising resemblance between human life and star life. Stars are born, grow, mature and die but even here it is not a final death. A star would blast in a huge explosion called a Supernova, in which a great amount of matter condenses into a tiny area. This process releases into deep space billions of billions of tons of matter, from which new stars are formed just to grow, mature and explode a few billions years later.


Humans live in families, cities, countries and continents, our star family is the moon (we are a single parent with a single child) our country is the solar system our continent is the Milky Way, our bigger world is the Local cluster that contains 30 other galaxies that are bound together by gravity. The local cluster belongs to a bigger cluster the Virgo that contains around 2000 galaxies. Even our gigantic Virgo cluster is an unnoticed area in the endless universe. If the universe exists for 13.7 billion years it is said that it would take 13.7 billion years for a beam of light to reach our planet. The speed of light is 187,000 miles per second, and a billion light years presents a distance far beyond the human grasp.


After reading all this you might ask, so what? That's exactly what I asked myself when reading all this information about deep space, what could be the meaning of one person, of one soul in the midst of all this immensity? There are about 100 billion brain cells in every human brain, there are 100 billion stars in a galaxy and about 100 billion galaxies in the entire universe. In my opinion there is a connection between all this, as the universe is bound together so are human beings and so are all intelligent creatures in the universe. The idea that we are the only ones that dwell on those questions is absurd if we understand the numbers. So every human, every spirit by itself is meaningless, but by processing together this infinitesimal size become an eternal voice. It might be that the universe needs this kind of human energy for its growth in the everlasting process of birth, growth and transformation.


Have magic in your life


Ted Barr  

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