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There are many unexplained happenings in human life, one of them is the feeling that we have already been in this scene before or met a person who is a complete stranger or experienced a ritual in a remote country in other life.


Such an experience I had in Bhaktapur, a holy city near Kathmandu, Nepal. I climbed the main shrine in the old city entrance and I knew it wasn't my first time there. This ‘knowing’ had nothing to do with reality because it was my first visit to Nepal. But this ‘knowing’ was backed by free navigation in a labyrinth as I was an old member of this shrine and served as a monk there since childhood. I knew not only my way  inside but recognized familiar scents, engravings on the wall, gathering rooms and gardens. I was with my photographer Kyran and when I told him about my Deja-Vu he dismissed it as nothing to write home about.


It took me some time to understand that Buddhists are treating life events totally differently than westerners. For Kyran my story of being in a place I have never been in before is like taking a bus ride to an unknown city - the bus is ready, the roads are there, you just have to decide that you want to arrive to the other city and buy the ticket. So for the Nepalese I met, and could communicate with in English, I was very open about expressing my wildest dreams and ideas. It was clear to us that life is not linear and that everything is possible. You can’t have 1000 gods and lack imagination.


Those understandings that were engraved in Nepal caused me to create the 'Cycle of life' painting series that speaks about Deja-vu as a natural happening in any human life experience, meaning that we all move in inner and outer cycles of events that tend to reproduce themselves as separate events and multiply as we grow older. Deja-vu is not a moment of revelation but a moment of recognition that life's journey is not a straight line. That what we see as death and birth are but different stations we have in our life journey and if we feel we have been there before it says that we had a past stop with our life bus and moved on to the next station.


Have magic in your life

Ted Barr


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