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In my research, writings and art I've always been intrigued by what is common to various religions. I read and studied about the Aborigines in Australia, Sufi writings, Kabbala, Ancient Egypt, Buddhism and Shinto and with all those learnings I asked myself what are the issues that appear in all religions. My thought was, and still is, that if all religions and esoteric cults speak about the same subjects with the same understandings the maybe there is truth in that. Maybe those ancient founders of those beliefs had a higher knowledge that enabled them to get closer to their true essence as human beings.


From those esoteric studies I tried to summarize some core rules that determine a common worldwide religion that is not biased by its leaders or interpreters but still holds the ancient knowledge of truth that is still relevant today.


Human life is not a straight line. I would imagine spiral shaped three dimensional circles in the form of bubbles, forming, merging, interacting, evading and finally disappearing. All the bubbled circles differ by their rotation and speed that determine their movements. As there is no star or galaxy that stands still so to human life is recognized by its movement. A planet that is not rotating is a dead planet so too is a human body without motion.


The passage between dimensions is by division and movement. There aren’t straight lines but momentary appearances of aligned dots. There isn’t a perfect circle but bended straight lines. Planet Earth swivels the Sun in an elliptic shape orbit and so the Sun encircles the central mass point of the Milky Way galaxy (Sagittarius A black hole). All planetary orbits perform a celestial dance that is due to last till the Sun will consume its fuel and explode 4.5 billion years from now. Reality is unfolded for us from a multi-dimensional world to the 3 dimensions we are accustomed to. An object emerging from the center of a spiral would move on by the same spiral branches, in the case of galaxies and stars the orbits are determined by mass and gravitational forces. If we replace the celestial gravitational force with human feelings we see that the same rules of attraction and destruction apply. The real happenings are in the unseen electrical worlds. Nobody can see love which is the greatest attractor in human life, nor gravitation, we observe the forces existence by seeing and measuring the outer results.


Understanding this hierarchy and applying the common religious writings lead to the acceptance of basic cosmic rules:


Everything moves


To every negative – anti-matter, there is positive- matter, and vice versa


There are infinite repetitive cycles of creation


All bodies celestial and human move in spiral shaped circles


The momentary visit of the human spirit on Planet Earth is encapsulated by a physical body, the body is but a vehicle, the brain is the driver, and the spirit is the driver’s brain.


The destiny of the spirit is moving up in the ladder of awareness by purifying itself.


Separation is an illusion set up only in human brains.


From these understandings emerged the subject matter of ‘As Above So Below’ and the sign I apply as my signature.


Have magic in your life

Ted Barr, NYC, March 2015




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