This is your time


The gap between an artwork and void is confidence and passion.

Most canvases in this world remain blank. By canvases I mean all human range mediums of expression

I haven t heard about any statistics to examine this creativity issue but from what I encountered in my life I think that what inhibits most people from expressing themselves is lack of confidence.

There is an eternal quest for meaning that is quieted by survival. An hungry human being would try first to get food rather paint on canvas but there were many hungry artists (and still are) that created amazing art, so what is this missing device that differs from a creative hungry artist to the one that gave up?  I claim it’s the mixture of confidence and passion if the passion is intense and unstoppable the artist would eventually express what is hidden within, no matter what. What stops most people to express themselves fully is lack of confidence in their abilities in what they have to say to the world (probably nothing they would think). In my workshops I encountered many artists that were offended, unrecognized, mistreated, ridiculed and dismissed by their parents, close surrounding, relatives or teachers.

One story I remember is the story of my best student in Udaipur, she told me that when she was ten, she approached her art teacher griming with pride about her new drawing,

That’s a scribble, said her teacher, next class I’ll teach how to paint for real

This little woman skipped all art classes in school since then and has hidden her fantastic talent deep inside.  Her pace back into creativity was supported by her sister that encouraged her not to quit and keep creating, first in a small notebook then on A4 papers then on canvases then it was my luck she came to my workshop and shared her story with me.

There are so many hidden artists that have a desire for self-expression and the fright from the out world manifested by, curators, critics, gallery owners reaction and I say who are them to judge?

I have been traveling extensively teaching and lecturing worldwide and sadly I meet this phenomenon of self-denial because outer lack of recognition. In my travels I have seen the most amazing art in unknown studios and anonymous artists, museums are old fashioned dinosaurs to preserve what exist there is nothing in the museum structure to predict what kind of art would move human beings in the future, what kind of venue would bring human beings together or would cause the viewer an unforgettable experience.

The reason I founded the Current art group is to offer those out of the grid artists, the chance to express themselves show and exhibit their art worldwide.

My message is very clear, don t ever give other human being the space to stop your creativity what is yours belongs to you and if out of generosity you choose to share it, it is your boon to the world. The attitude of ‘who am I to say something in this world’ passed

The new era is called ‘this is my time to express myself fully’

So live with passion and create with confidence


Ted Barr

Founder of the Current Art Group