The Spirit


The human body has numerous sets of armor.

Each cell has its own protective shield, in the form of the cell membrane

There are the bones   forming  the skeleton of the physical structure, and then the skin which comprises   the outer, physical border of the human body. The ultimate protection is the aura which encircles and caresses  the entire human body. The aura is the electrical footprint  of the human emotional and mental  activity and can be detected in meditative state. The real sight of a human being is a glorious radiant egg shaped mantle hovering on the borders  of the skin towards space. The level of vibrancy in the colors is determined by a person’s  purity and stage of spiritual development. A normal human being’s aura radiates to a distance equivalent to her or his height. A   more fully developed spiritual being  can radiate more than 10 times her or his height and can not  be ignored.  This explains how great teachers magnetize large audiences without any effort; what others call: charisma.

Planet Earth has an  aura, as well.  It is called the atmosphere and is about 100 km thick.Without this protective system life on Earth would not be possible. Without the aura human survival would be impossible.

Protective infrastructures are manifested to keep a valuable treasure safe. This three-fold protective system bears witness to the existence  of  something very valuable within us..

Most religions I have researched  speak about the spirit as the central point of connectivity to higher essences

It is very strange how the meaning of spirit in Hebrew RUAH appears in other languages as:

Somali – Ruch

Java – Roh

Swahili – Roh

Turkish and Uzbek – Ruh


All speak about the same essence of the most precious essence of life in any human being: the dynamo that  generates meaning and intention to human life. It is this precious gem that we need to protect.

Native American wisdom declares that  it is  better to be dead than to live without a spirit

The first step towards enhancing and nourishing that spirit, is  finding people with great spirits and vibrant auras, because it is contagious


Have magic

Ted Barr

editor - Adele Raemer