Artist statement

It took more than 15 years for colors and shapes to join and be part of my self-expression. In my FLY book I wrote about our place as sparkling entities within the vastness of a dark universe, when I started to paint, stars and galaxies landed on my canvases. Then I was exposed to Lennart Nilsson's inner body photography and, I was amazed about the similarity between stars and ovum, comets and sperms, embryos and galaxies, so, on big canvases I created my version of the beginning of human life. From those two series', emerged my current body of works 'Cycles of Life'. In my belief life and death are on the same bar of existence and there is no 'out there'.

My method is called Free the Life within You, FLY is about the freedom to dare, cross the lines, be spontaneous, to mix oil and acrylic with cold tar in an unpredictable process and to embrace the unexpected results. Since 2009 I have been teaching FLY workshops around the globe. I believe that making and teaching art is my part of a collective effort to enlighten our world.